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November 19th, 2019

Arctic Cat 2021 Mountain Snowmobile Lineup

Arctic Cat has revealed its model year 2021 snowmobiles, and here are some of the updates to the mountain lineup!

For mountain riders, perhaps the biggest news surrounding the Arctic Cat 2021 snowmobile lineup is that once again the coveted M 8000 Mountain Cat and M 8000 Hardcore models will be available as pre-order only—along with every other Arctic Cat sled. 

As part of the early release of the 2021 models, Arctic Cat has lengthened the ordering window to allow potential customers more time to make a purchase decision.

But there is also an indication that more demo opportunities—which have been limited in the past—will be available to help riders make their choice. In case you haven’t had the chance to throw a leg over the ALPHA ONE platform yet, this winter might be your chance.


Arctic Cat 2021 Mountain


Riders who have only just received their MY2020 sleds can rest easy knowing MY2021 Arctic Cat mountain sleds will be pretty similar to what they will ride this winter. However, there are a couple of updates, and we’ll cover those here.

The Arctic Cat 2021 mountain lineup consists of just two models: the M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE and the M 8000 Hardcore ALPHA ONE. Each is available in a couple of different configurations.

Also worthy of mention is an update to the crossover RIOT X, which will make it a little more capable in the mountains.


The see the announcement on the MY2021 snowmobiles from Arctic Cat, click here.

Arctic Cat 2021 Mountain Snowmobile Updates

First up, every Arctic Cat 2021 mountain snowmobile will sport a revised engine mounting system that uses a carbon fiber torque control link for a 2.5 lb weight reduction and improved engine vibration dampening.

Another update is the availability of a new, all-mountain Power Claw Alpha track with a 2.6″ lug in the 154″ length. The track features additional side towers and a 2.86″ pitch for better bite in a variety of conditions.

Arctic Cat 2021 M 8000 Mountain Cat


For 2021, a M 8000 Mountain Cat model will be available with ATAC technology (formally known as iACT). This is a remote controlled, adjust-on-the-fly suspension system that is controlled from the handlebars. A thumb-operated button controls the factory compression settings of the rear track shock and ski shocks. In less than half a second, the settings can be switched between soft, medium and firm on the go. Also, two rider calibrations (Driver 1 and Driver 2) can be saved for quick customization. A final interesting feature is that the shock calibration will be automatically optimized when the sled is in reverse for ideal handling when backing up.

In conjunction with ATAC, the QSL lockout rear track shock can be operated independently of over suspension settings, allowing the shock to be locked and freed easily on the fly without impacting the other suspension settings.

For sleds without ATAC, all FOX QS3/QSL shocks and springs will have a revised calibration that is meant to improve absorption in big bumps.


In departure from the traditional green and orange colour swatches, model year 2021 Mountain Cats will come with a bold new colour choice called Fire Red/Dynamic Charcoal. 

Arctic Cat 2021 Mountain Banner_1

Arctic Cat 2021 M 8000 Hardcore ALPHA ONE

New for 2021, the Hardcore ALPHA ONE 154 will be available with the new 2.6″ Power Claw track. This configuration will be available in the Fire Red/Black only.

Both the Hardcore ALPHA ONE 154″ and 165″ will be available in their Fire Red/Black or Hyper Green/Black.


Arctic Cat 2021 RIOT X

While the Arctic RIOT isn’t really what we would consider a “mountain” sled, it is aimed at riders who might occasionally head into the hills, so it’s worth mentioning a significant upgrade here.

For 2021, the more “off-trail” oriented crossover model, the RIOT X, will come with a 146″ ALPHA ONE single-beam rear suspension that should significantly improve its mountain capability. It will feature an all-new Power Claw ALPHA track with a 2.6″ lug and 2.86″ pitch.

The RIOT X already shares the same Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) platform used in the mountain lineup, but with a wider 39.5″ to 41.5″ adjustable ski stance for better trail manners.


The RIOT X will be available in Charcoal/Red or Orange/Blue.


– MS