Arctic Cat BLAST Is a New, Mid-Sized Snowmobile for MY2021
November 19th, 2019

Arctic Cat BLAST Is a New, Mid-Sized Snowmobile for MY2021

Arctic Cat has added three new, mid-sized snowmobile models to its lineup for model year 2021, called BLAST.

The Arctic Cat BLAST lineup is designed to provide performance and value for a variety of different uses. There are three different models, called BLAST M 4000, BLAST ZR 4000 and BLAST LT 4000.


Arctic Cat BLAST Snowmboiles


Check out the video from our test ride of the mid-sized Yamaha SX Venom Mountain and Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000 below!

VIDEO – Boondocking! Yamaha SX Venom Mountain & Arctic Cat BLAST M

Arctic Cat BLAST Lineup

Let’s start with some of the technology that can be found on all three models.


First of all, the BLAST sleds are powered by an industry first electronic fuel-injected, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine. The C-TEC2 4000 is based on technology used in the flagship C-TEC2 8000 engine. The half-size powerplant features 397 cc displacement, pushing out “65+ horsepower-class”. It weighs under 23 kg (less than 50 lbs).

Arctic Cat MY2021 BLAST C-TEC2 4000 engine

Putting the power to the track is the Arctic Drive system, which uses a CVTech Trailbloc drive clutch and as CVTech Invoice driven clutch.

Chassis and Suspension

The mid-size chassis is designed to be lightweight and allow easy handling. BLAST features the same Arctic Mountain Suspension used on the full-size Mountain Cat, so it is surely up to the task.

Dynamic Charcoal/Orange

An electric key start makes it easy for riders to get up and running. BLAST models feature a digital instrument gauge, and electric hand and thumb warmers.

Sleek bodywork helps the models achieve a mid-sized package, and a mid-sized seat makes it easier for riders to transfer weight on the sled.

Surprisingly, the BLAST features a 44 L (11.7 US gallon) fuel tank! Riders will be hard pressed to run it dry in a single day.


Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000

Naturally, Mountain Sledder would gravitate towards the BLAST model tailored for mountain use, and that of course is the BLAST M 4000.

Specific to the M 4000 is the use of the ALPHA ONE single-beam suspension, which allows easier sidehilling and manoeuvrability off-trail. The front suspension provides 7.2″ of travel, while the ALPHA ONE rear suspension provides 12″ of travel. Hydraulic tube shocks are used front and back.

BLAST M - Alpha One Suspension_1
Dynamic Charcoal/Orange

The BLAST M 4000 features a burly 146″ x 2.0″ track for solid performance in deeper snow.

The same G2 ProClimb skis used on the bigger mountain sleds are also used on the M 4000, for good flotation and control. The ski stance is an adjustable 37″ – 39″.

And a low, 4″ race height windshield finishes off the performance look of the M 4000.


The BLAST M 400 is available in Dynamic Charcoal/Orange, and special edition Camo/White/Fire Red with choice of American Flag, Canadian Flag or standard Camo/White/Fire Red.

Arctic Cat BLAST ZR 4000

BLAST ZR 4000 is the trail model of the group. 

The ski stance is an adjustable 37.5″ – 38.5″, and a more narrow 6″ ski is used. 

A traditional dual slide-rail suspension setup is used in the back of the ZR 4000 model. It offers adjustable torsion springs and 10.7″ of travel. The track is 121″ long with 1″ lugs.


The same low windshield as featured on the M 4000 model is also used for the ZR 4000.

The BLAST ZR 4000 is available in Medium Green/Dynamic Charcoal and Blue/White.


Arctic Cat BLAST LT 4000

The BLAST LT 4000 is Arctic Cat’s stab at a mid-sized utility model.

It features the same AMS suspension and 6″ ski combo as the ZR 4000.

A utility-minded XTRA-ACTION rear suspension provides 12.5″ of travel, also featuring adjustable torsion springs. The LT 4000 uses a long, 146″ track with 1.6″ lugs for better towing capability.

Also on the utility side, a large 15.5″ windshield protects the riders from the elements. Meanwhile, a rear rack makes it easier to carry items.

The BLAST LT 4000 is available in one colour only—Red/Dynamic Charcoal.


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