Cody Borchers Checks In... | Mountain Sledder
February 20th, 2014

Cody Borchers Checks In…

What’s up Mountain Sledder!!

Cody Borchers checking in from Riderz. The sled season is well under way and breaking in new Ski-Doos has been on the program. I am riding a 2014 Freeride and a Summit which are working absolutely awesome! Now I have got some top secret stuff under the hood, but they really do work good right out of the box.

I have started filming with 509 so far which has been off to a great start. Even if the snow conditions have changed to this warm spell we are receiving, its just a simple little adjustment to my Enzo suspension and I am Teeing up big spring style jumps. This also helps that having the freeride under me makes the landing that much better.  I look forward to this super fun season and have lots of cool things coming this year so make sure to check in at  Follow me along on facebook and Riderz Facebook as well.

Keep it fun out there and make sure to always check the Avalanche bulletin before riding.

See you all out there


[all photos not marked otherwise – photo credit: 509/Micheal Reeve]