February 28th, 2014

Getting Strikt at Grizzly

Last week I had the chance to visit Grizzly Lodge for an extended photoshoot with the Strikt gear team. For those of you who are regular sledshot readers, you’ll know that Dave Norona and Ryan Johannesen from sledshot have both been out to Grizzly this season and came back with rave reviews, so we had to check it out ourselves.

Strikt riders Brandon Micku and Riley Suhan were both there to appreciate the terrain after the much needed storm of the season to date, as were Pat from Mountain Sledder Magazine and our videographer Dan. A few of Brandon’s friends (Tim, Brandon and Gord) also joined us for the day to enjoy the conditions and throw back a caesar or two at the end of the day!

For those who have not visited Grizzly Lodge… add it to your list of “must visit” sled destinations.

For those of you who have been to Chatter Creek, or who have read our regular reviews about Chatter, Grizzly has a lot of similarities. A large comfortable lodge, with private ensuite rooms for up to 24 people, main area with large screen satellite TV, wifi access and super comfortable leather laz-y-boy recliners, pool table and a fully equipped bar are all complimented by an awesome team of staff and a cooked breakfast, brown bag lunch and awesome dinner for every night you stay.  Adam and his team do an amazing job to make you feel welcome and ensure that you want to come back.

Grizzly is open all season to sledders and whilst the lodge is outstanding, the only thing that puts it to shame is the riding! 120km² of terrain leaves you with a seemingly endless area to explore. We spent three days enjoying a foot and half of fresh and barely touched the start of everything that Adam and Grizzly Lodge have to offer. It was a welcome change to the mountains we have in the Golden area and especially nice after the storm and with the touchy avalanche conditions. The rolling terrain has more than enough steeps to keep the turbo boys happy, whilst the perfectly spaced tree riding and endless windlips offered the boondocking posse a constant supply of sweet hits and drops.

Check out more at: www.grizzlylodge.ca

and if you haven’t heard of Strikt gear yet, check out their website here, or if you’re quick you still have to the end of today to enter their win a sled comp here