December 15th, 2016

Conditions Report: Golden Dec 15, 2016

Conditions Report for Golden, BC

It’s still cold here in the Rocky Mountain Trench, but blue skies up top have made for great views if you don’t mind putting on a few extra layers and toughing it out. There’s been no new snow in the last week, but the long range forecast looks promising with a warming system rolling in late Saturday night and dumping some moderate precipitation through Monday night.


Conditions forecast for Golden, BC

Conditions forecast for Golden, BC


Avalanche conditions are relatively stable for the time being. Check out for more details on the Purcell Range.

Grooming is underway at all three maintained Golden areas, and trail fees are set at $25/rider.


Quartz — There is good coverage there and a solid base from rider traffic. The trail is in excellent condition. Parking is at the normal parking lot just off the highway. There are portable toilets now at the trailhead.

Gorman — Parking at 3.5km parking lot. The hill can be slippery with these cold temps, but the plan is to have it sanded before the weekend. With all these cold temps, the lake is now frozen. Gorman is notoriously rocky early season, so take ‘er easy.

Silent Pass — Parking is at 46.5km on the North Fork. Watch for active logging at all times. It’s deep out there, but watch out for open creeks and other early season conditions down low. Riders have been into the alpine.