Destination Elevation – Inside the Lives of the Black Cats Athletes
November 3rd, 2018

Destination Elevation – Inside the Lives of the Black Cats

Arctic Cat has recently produced a sequel to its first Destination Elevation short film, and it’s a beautiful piece of work. The film and several short episodes that have dropped since are produced by the same Alaska production company, Hybrid Color, that put together Winter Project a few years back. The latest short film is entitled, Destination Elevation: Backcountry Backyards with the Black Cats.

Backcountry Backyards with the Black Cats

It’s unfortunate timing that Brett has moved on from Arctic Cat in recent weeks, but that fact aside, Destination Elevation: Backcountry Backyards with the Black Cats offers interesting insight into the lives of some of the most well-known snowmobile athletes out there. The short film and episodes provide a peek into the lives of Brett Turcotte, Cory Davis, Rob Kincaid and David McClure. Each has their own story to tell about how they’ve become the athlete they are today and what makes them tick.


Destination Elevation Web Episodes

Here are some of the latest episodes to be published by Arctic Cat. These go a little further into revealing some of the character of the riders and what they do in their lives outside of sledding.


Rob Kincaid Episode


David McClure Episode


Cory Davis Episode


Brett Turcotte Episode



Original Destination Elevation Film

Here is the original short film, Destination Elevation, which was released last year and spawned this year’s sequel:

Good thing one of those conveniently placed sleds had a grab seat on it!


It’s great to see Arctic Cat putting in effort to produce some quality media that can excite sledders and make us feel a little more connected to their athlete ambassadors. Good stuff! We’re looking forward to more great content to come.


– MS

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