Polaris 2018 Snowmobiles Unveiling

There wasn’t a ton of hype going into the Polaris 2018 snowmobiles reveal from either the hardcore fanbase or the company itself.

And that is telling; there was no hype because there was nothing to hype. For the 2018 model year, Polaris is sticking with what works, and that is its tried-and-true Axys platform.




2018 Polaris Mountain Sleds Unveiled

Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it they say. Polaris riders continue to rave about their Axys platform mountain sleds, even in the face of significant engine technology releases from the three other manufactures in the last 2 years. Ski-doo released its 850 E-TEC in MY2017, as did Yamaha with its 998 Genesis factory turbo. Arctic Cat came to the table with a new, proprietary 800 class direct injection engine that has reports of plenty of output with vastly improved responsiveness. Yet the Polaris fanbase seems unfazed.




That speaks volumes about the rideability of the Polaris Axys platform. It may be underpowered by comparison, but handles so well that it really doesn’t matter. And there is no doubt that it is the lightest production mountain sled by a fair margin.

So with minimal hype, and minimal clamouring for new product, it stands to reason that in 2018 Polaris would stick to the script. It’s good for the company to make back some of the massive costs of developing the platform while continuing to pump out a high-quality product that its loyal customers continue to rave about.

The biggest news might just be that Polaris has enough faith in their Axys product that a 4-year warranty is now available on 2018 Snowcheck orders.




What’s New

BNG. The Retro look is back for 2018! Polaris offers a wide variety of spring order and in-season colour choices.




2018 Polaris Snowmobiles






SKS 146″ model


Polaris 2018 SKS


The SKS is available in a 146″ x 2.25″ track length for 2018. It’s pegged as a crossover sled, but it might be the ticket for spring booter sessions. The SKS 146″ weighs in at a measly 456lbs, making it well suited for flight. It features click-adjust Walker-Evans Piggyback Click Shocks for a range of conditions that you might find. And it’s got the chaincase drive, so you don’t blast through quick-drive belts when you’re landing on the pipe.




Polaris Titan


2018 Polaris Titan


2018 all new Titan. The go-to option for hauling your ice auger around. It’s touted as the industry’s “most capable extreme crossover snowmobile”. It’s the ticket for your 2-up and cargo carting solution. The Titan Alpha transmission is claimed to deliver smooth shifting with up to 1200lb towing capacity. That’s pretty impressive!





Be sure to check out Polaris models for Snowcheck before the April 15, 2017 deadline.




— MS