Cheetah Factory Racing Handlebars Rundown

A handlebar is just a place to hang on, right? Wrong. Cheetah Factory Racing has six models of CFR handlebars available in 2018, which seems like a lot. But there are more factors that go into a handlebar design than you might think, including: material, wall thickness, diameter, taper, weight, length, upsweep, rise, pullback, bar end angulation and so on. Not to mention colour options.

So we asked CFR’s Dave B. to give us a rundown on all the CFR handlebar options, and tell us about the intended application and the differences in design for each model.

Two models of note, the Crow Bar and the CB (Chris Brown) Bar, are completely new for 2018. They are intended as a swap-out stock replacement for Ski-Doo REV Gen4 850 and Polaris AXYS PRO-RMK bars. These bars are 7/8″ diameter throughout, so they don’t require an oversized riser unlike the other CFR handlebars in the lineup.


Cheetah Factory Racing CFR Handlebars Rundown



Here’s a summary:

Crow Bar: Direct stock replacement, 7/8″ diameter throughout.

CB Bar: Direct stock replacement with 5″ rise, 7/8″ diameter throughout.

Boondocker Bar: All-round bar with 2″ rise and 1 1/8″ stem.

Brett Turcotte Bar: Similar to Boondocker Bar with no forward angle on bar ends and custom graphics.

Rooster Bar: A straight bar with 12º back angle with bar ends angulation

Dan Treadway Bar: 3″ rise, 8º up and 14º back with no bar end angulation


– MS