CKX Lab Revolutionizes Product Development

CKX is a snowmobile outerwear and products company that’s been around for 30 years. Despite its deep roots in the industry, the company is anything but set in its ways. It has recently established CKX Lab, a revolutionary program for new product research and development.



CKX has recognized that outerwear and gear choices made by sledders are about more than just something to put on. The gear that sledders wear is a big part of their riding experience, and a reflection of who that person is as a rider.

The company realizes that times have changed, and the way that riders look at gear has as well. The CKX Lab program is about listening to and fulfilling the demands of the modern rider. The company wants its finger on the pulse of trends and the ability to adapt to the evolving needs of today’s sledders.

Traditionally, outerwear companies have relied on their own designers, textile experts and select few professional athletes for input on the development their products. With CKX Lab, the company intends to rethink the traditional development process by involving the consumer in the creation of snowmobile apparel and helmets.



The CKX Lab plan involves fostering a close connection with enthusiast consumers in an effort to develop a close connection between use and design. The company will use passionate field testers to assist in the design and innovation of helmet, clothing and accessories to meet the needs of today’s progressive sledders.



Here are some product information videos about the consumer developed CKX Gear.



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