2017 “Most Likely To” Awards

As the season winds down and everyone is patting their backs on some well deserved accomplishments, we decided it was time to look at some of the lesser-known achievements of our sport. While everyone is talking about who won the shootouts, who has the highest top speed, who was the fastest up Jackson Hole, we would like to recognize the feats of mediocrity that are more prevalent in the mountains.

Sometimes the potential in a sled is more important than its actual accomplishments, and if you have enough potential you could win an MLT or “Most Likely To” award. The winners of our categories have gone above and beyond in proving their valuable worth to the snowmobiling community with what they are Most Likely To accomplish. So without further ado, here are the 2017 MLT awards.


2017 “Most Likely To” Awards


MLT: Sit at the bottom of the hill and watch

Arctic Cat M8000

If you like to talk a big game but prefer to not show off, or if every other sentence starts with “I could climb that but” then the M8000 is the sled for you.  These sleds do the most amazing climbs that no one has ever seen, and their owners will be the first to tell you about it.


MLT: Be found upside down in a tree well

Yamaha Sidewinder

Perhaps emboldened by the power of its turbocharged engine, Sidewinder riders could easily find themselves deep in the trees without the talent or ability to get back out.  Often heard talking about the balance of a four-stroke engine, they can rest assured that it doesn’t make a difference which side they lift on while trying to get out from underneath their upside down sled.


MLT:  Have Slednecks stickers, bar risers and hand guards

Polaris IQR chassis

Nothing brings out the flat brimmed hats and white sunglasses to the mountains like a longtracked Polaris IQR mod chassis.  The sub class of this award is “most likely to be towed home”.  While not actually a 2017 model, the IQR still has no competition in this category to date.


MLT:  Be tossed down the side of a mountain

Ski-Doo Summit 850

If you want to see a sled climbing a chute higher than its owners ability, only to come tumbling down without the rider then look no further than the Ski-Doo Summit 850.  As the reigning king of Internet hype, the 850 will climb into places that no rider should be without sponsurship and a video camera rolling.  Taking more riders beyond the limits of their meager skill level than ever before, the new 850 is virtually unstoppable – until it’s not.


MLT:  Get stuck seven times within ten minutes

Ski-Doo Summit 800

Whether it’s clever marketing or friends recommendations, no sled brings newbie riders out to the deep powder in droves like the XM chassis Summit 800.  Hopefully helping dig out your buddies Summit every 5 meters will bring you some good karma because it’s going to be a long day.  At least make them buy beer pack at the pub.


MLT:  Star in a YouTube “fail” video

Polaris RMK Assault

Take the Polaris RMK mountain goat, add some bracing and suspension upgrades to market it as a backcountry weapon and the groundwork has been laid;  add in a few drunken late nights spent watching sled videos and you have the perfect combination to hit gaps that far surpass your unremarkable skillset.  “Just send it” is usually referring to the ambulance bill in this case.  This sled is the next progression if you’re currently riding an IQR as above but finally realize that flat brim hats aren’t cool once you’re out of high school.


Hopefully by this point you have realized that this is a humorous look at the inanity of awards and also realize that all of the manufacturers are making amazing sleds that go places most of us didn’t dream of only a few short years ago.  With refinements and upgrades on the existing sled offerings as well as some exiting new models coming, 2018 doesn’t look to disappoint either.  Pick a dealer who supports you, a sled that fits you and get out there and ride!


— Marty