BRP Adds Remote Activation to Adjustable Limiter Strap for Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

BRP introduced the adjustable limiter strap for tMotion rear suspensions two years ago as a quick easy way to adjust deep snow handling on Summit and Freeride snowmobiles. This year the concept is taken further to a remotely controlled system for even easier and quicker operation.

Here’s a short video that shows the function and benefits of the original Adjustable Limiter Strap—prior to the new version with remote adjustability.



Remote Adjustable Limiter Strap

Riders benefit from being able to quickly adjust their ride between a playfully light and agile set-up, to a more connected one where the track approach angle gets much more gradual and the skis don’t lift as easily. By making it remotely activated, the dial like switch is mounted on the handlebar riser; riders can now change positions by twisting a knob rather reaching down by their feet to flip a lever.


Remote Adjustable Limiter Strap


The kit should also prove popular with the cross-over crowd as it also fits the new cMotion rear suspension on the 2018 Backcountry models. If a rider wants more positive steering on the trail they can move it to the shorter position—but when going off-trail—switching to the longer position will provide better deep snow handling, in a very quick and convenient way.

Adjustment range is equivalent to 2 holes on a conventional limiter strap (1.3 inches/34 mm), with 2 settings to choose from: holes three (stock position) to five, or two to four.


Remote Adjustable Limiter Strap

The Remote Adjustable Limiter Strap allows the limiter to be quickly adjusted between either holes 3 & 5, or 2 & 4 with a quick switch of a dial.


The kit is available for all tMotion and cMotion suspensions from 2013 – 2018
Pricing is $269.99 USD/$329.99 CAD



— MS