2018 Timbersled Products Unveiling

With the help of parent company Polaris, 2018 Timbersled model year offers some big technology improvements that are designed to help with ease of convertibility and improve overall handling. The innovation is labelled “ARO Technology”, and is the next step forward in the progression of snow bike technology.




ARO Technology



The new ARO Technology by Timbersled is designed to vastly reduce the hassle of converting a dirt bike over, while still continuing to improve Timbersled’s “industry-leading handling”.


2018 Timbersled 2018


A key component of the ARO Technology is an “easier and 50% faster to install” spindle. it is a direct bolt-on system that requires no mods to the bike, including no drilling to mount the spindle plate. That should make it more appealing to the number of riders that are less mechanically inclined or that aren’t interested in making modifications to their bikes.




Traverse Track & Ski


As part of the handling improvements, the ARO ski and track are redesigned with new widths. The new Traverse Track is narrower with a different paddle layout, and comes in at 11.5″ wide x 2.5″, in 120″ and 137″ lengths. That’s 1.5″ narrower, but with a 20% wider center paddle for increased traction and lift.

The new ARO Ski also has been re-tooled, with new skags for more precise handling. But more importantly, the width of the ski has been increased by 15% to a total of 11.5″ as well. The matching ski and track widths give the ARO platform a 1:1 ski to track width ratio.







The suspension is improved to offer 33% more travel, with the standard option of FOX ZERO Pro Shocks or FOX ZERO QS3 Shocks on a Limited Edition Snowcheck only model.



Overall, the technology makes the kit an impressive 11lbs lighter. With a new ski and track, vastly improved suspension and a less-cumbersome conversion, this is a huge step for Timbersled in 2018.





Brake System

The new ARO Technology offers a shielded brake with an industry-exclusive design. The brake system comes completely pre-bled brake. It has a new, dual-piston caliper, master brake cylinder and brake disc design. And the system is engineered specifically to minimize ice build-up and offer consistent braking performance in all weather conditions across all bike brands.



Other features

New TSS geometry makes it no longer necessary to modify the stock airbox on the dirt bike. Again, this is a plus for riders who don’t want to start making custom modifications to fit their Timbersled kit to their bikes.

The new tech also comes with easy chain adjustability.



An exciting new addition is the Timbersled ST90RIPPER. With this new conversion kit, Timbersled is leaping into the youth market in order to help the snow bike market grow. Their ST90RIPPER is the product for your little shredder and their 110cc dirt bike.

It features a small paddle, 90″ track. The skid does not use hyfax, thereby offering worry-free low snow riding for your youngster. The Ripper brings Timbersled performance to the whole family.






2018 Timbersled Models


ARO120 / ARO120LE (Limited Edition)

  • New ARO Chassis and Suspension
  • New 120″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″ Traverse Track
  • New 11.5″ ARO Traverse Ski & Spindle
  • FOX ZERO Pro Shocks / FOX ZERO QS2 Shocks (LE)
  • Exclusive Colour Options on LE models




ARO137 / ARO137LE (Limited Edition)

  • New ARO Chassis and Suspension
  • New 137″ x 11.5″ x 2.5″ Traverse Track
  • New 11.5″ ARO Traverse Ski & Spindle
  • FOX ZERO Pro Shocks / FOX ZERO QS3 Shocks (LE)
  • Exclusive Colour Options on LE models





  • 120″ x 12.5″ x 2.5″ Covex Track
  • New 11.5″ ARO Traverse Ski & Spindle
  • RYDEFX MPV Shocks





  • Fits 110cc Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda
  • RYDEFX MPV Shocks
  • Ripper Front Ski
  • No Hyfax Low-Snow Rideability


Pre-order for Timbersled Snowcheck ends April 15, 2017. If you want a Limited Edition such as the ARO173LE, you’ll have to go visit a Timbersled dealer soon.


— MS