April 1st, 2015

Hickshow Film Trip

Photos | Julia Caceres

The Hickshow Crew got together once again for another chance to get some epic footage for the new Followcam 6 film coming out this fall.

It was a tough decision on where to ride but everyone agreed on Eagle Pass near Sicamous, BC. The terrain is absolutely stellar there. Any kind of riding can be done at Eagles! Huge drops, tight tree lines, huge whips and sketchy chutes are all there.


Saturday, March 14

My dad Wayne, little brother Scout and I loaded up and gassed our sleds at 3am Saturday morning before driving the 6 hours to Sicamous to be able to ride that day. We were expecting a horrible day, as it rained and rained all the way to Eagles. The Hickshow Crew all met up at A&W in Revelstoke for a bite to eat before heading up to the mountain. Once we arrived at the parking lot it was still a downpour.


We all decided to just book it to the cabin and to play the waiting game to see if the weather would ever break. It rained almost all the way up to the cabin. Thank God at least at the cabin it was snowing!

At around 3pm the weather started to clear up. Even though the snow wasn’t the greatest we still got the cameras out and found a couple tree lines and some whip jumps with amazing views in the background. It made for incredible pictures.


Sunday, March 15

The next day, the weather was awesome and the snow was good at high elevation. A couple of inches of snow overnight helped out a lot. I found some awesome jumps with a lot of hang time


We spent the day with the Hickshow Crew, capturing footage of us all jumping and climbing. This day was my best ride of the season! I can’t wait for the new Hickshow movie Followcam 6 to come out this fall.


– Maverick


For those of you that don’t know me, I am 16 years old, and snowmobiling is my passion. I have been riding ever since I could turn the handlebars on a kitty cat. I always have a smile on my face and I am full of laughs. If you see me on the mountain I will be finding big, natural hits or scoping out lines for chutes. I want to thank all my amazing sponsors for the awesome support day in, day out: Motorfist, Highmark by Snowpulse, 509, Atlas Braces, Zbroz Exit Shocks, Alpine Performance, Ice age, RSI racing, Simmons Skis, and Blown Motor.