November 12th, 2010

HMK Team Boot

Now all of that has changed for 2011!!  This new boot is SICK!!  Amazing redesign with new materials, the editions of Vibram soles, and Intuition liners this boot is a sure thing on my wish list this year.
If your in the market for boots there are options out there, however my opinion is hands down this boot.  Of course HMK uses the BOA system as an option as well for all of you tech geeks out there.  I used the BOA last year and really liked it, but for me it’s not in the budget this year so I’m gonna rock laces again.
Good new color schemes with both the stealth back and the white/black combo and the edition of the reinforced inner rubber scuff guard is good thinking.  As well they added more rubber to the toe of the boot where some people use to complain about leaking.  
Pumped to put this boot on my drying rack, I’ll let cha know as the winter goes on how it holds up!  I have high expectations, and I have a feeling this is gonna be one comfy boot!