May 9th, 2009

Is winter over?

Of course jackasses! hahaaaa, joking.  In
mountain towns like Golden, it is not uncommon to shred in the late spring
early summer, if not later!  BUT, you have to change your expectations,
that’s all.  Shredding pow is long gone now, but travel and traversing is
what this time of year is all about.  You can reach such remote zones this
time of year, which is super fun for remote picnics and wicked spring campfires
(not sure if that is legal or not though, so I didn’t tell you to if you do
it!!).  I’m not sure, I haven’t chatted to the other boys over the past
few days, but we have no planned rides, which I’d have to say is almost a
relief.  We’ve pushed hard this winter to bring you guys some cool
coverage of events, industry news, as much video and photo snow porn as we
could, press releases, product testing, etc. etc., and have had a ton of fun
doing it. 
Sledshot has grown substantial this winter, and I know will
continue to charge on for many season to come!
As for as snow, there is still a bunch out there, but you will have to drive up
some of the FSR (Forest Service Roads) to reach it.  Over the past few season there has been a little pressure
from Forestry to close some of the access roads because of the damage that has
been caused by sledders.  If you
are heading out to play this spring keep in mind if you damage roads this year,
they might not be opened to access next year.  Don’t be selfish; the snow will be there again next year…
This is not the end for us!  We
will be updating the news page throughout the summer.  Our regular daily update will slow down however, but if
something cool happens we’ll do our best to post it up!
Have a great summer everyone, and when fall comes blowing in, make sure you hit
the forums hard with your new gear, new gossip, new machines, ideas, first ride
photos, etc. etc.
Thanks for the support this year!
Booyaka boyils and goyils!