May 6th, 2009

SMC – outta here.

Sean (SMC to users), has been with us since day 1, and worked with us to develop the original site, test it all, and on an ongoing basis has been the man who points out all the ‘pc’ bugs to all of us ‘mac’ users…

Seems funny to use the initials ‘pc’ when talking about Sean.  As a forum moderator for sledshot he’s probably sneaked in more profanity’s than the rest of our users put together – ha ha

Jokes aside, Sean’s commitment to the project has been an awesome help to the small team that keep the site running.

Many of you may have benefited from his knowledge in the forums, enjoyed his photos in the gallery, but most of all enjoyed his work as one of our two videographers – putting together all the videos.  His technical skills developing graphics, filming and video editing have been a massive help to us over the last 2 years.

As a sledder, Sean’s a great guy to ride with.  Always the quiet guy at the back of the group, he’ll wait until all the camera’s have been put away before he throws down – big cornice drops, booter airs, pendulum turns – you name it, we’ve enjoyed watching it – and screamed “WHAT THE F**K – why did you wait until the camera was off” plenty of times.

I had a chance to share Sean’s last ride of the season a couple of days ago.  For spring conditions in the Golden backcountry, his willingness to continue to throw his sled in the air, and give his undercarriage a hammering was a joy to watch – check out some of the photos (which I managed to sneak in!).

If this sounds like an obituary – i’m sorry.  Just trying to give the guy props for his work and riding over the last couple of seasons.  Sean’s only leaving us for 18 months to go and spend some time with his lady in Australia, and then travel in south east asia etc – but I know already that will miss his talents next winter.

All the best Sean – don’t forget to catch a barrel for us all, and get rested for the 2010/11 season….