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September 8th, 2021

Logan Pehota – A New Path in the Mountains

At just 26-years-old, Logan Pehota has already made a name for himself in the world of big mountain skiing.

He’s competed and consistently placed high in the Freeride World Tour, in which skiers charge down steep, cliff-riddled lines in questionable snow conditions—while spinning, flipping and grabbing with style on every air. He’s also been featured by top ski filmmakers such as Matchstick Productions and Dendrite Studios. But now sledders are starting to take notice of the young athlete, too.

Logan Pehota portrait

Photo: Guillaume Tessier/Matchstick Productions

While Logan may not have grown up watching snowmobile films, he was born and raised in the sled-friendly town of Pemberton, British Columbia. From his earliest experiences being towed behind his parents’ 1991 Tundra on a GT Snowracer to his present day of shredding slopes on skis and snowmobiles both, he’s grown up under the tutelage of his backcountry adventuring father, Eric Pehota.

Logan Pehota profile_-2
Logan and his dad, Eric, spending some quality time together.

Also a household name in big mountain skiing, Eric and his ski buddies laid first tracks down many of the Coast Mountain Range peaks. Eric has explored the local mountains for years on a snowmobile, and his resulting wealth of knowledge, experience and work ethic have been passed down to his son.

That work ethic drove Logan to employment at a heli-logging operation for a couple of years so he could afford to buy his first sled and take the winter months off to play in the snow.

Logan’s big mountain skiing experience has no doubt helped him to achieve a certain comfort level on a sled. The mountains he grew up in are a familiar environment, and while the means of travelling through them may differ from skis to sled, the view is the same.

Photo: Guillaume Tessier/Matchstick Productions

Still, the learning curve was steep in Logan’s first season of riding back in the winter of 2015. Following his old man around on a sled is no easy task, and Eric threw Logan into the deep end. Logan’s dad rides like a surgeon—technical and precise—with a heavy dose of practicality, common sense and careful decision-making. But with a lead-by-example style and a keen awareness of his son’s talent, Eric knew it wouldn’t take Logan long to catch on.

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When asked how his dad influenced his decision-making in the mountains, Logan says, “Nothing is worth your life in the mountains. If I’ve learned anything from him, it’s not to push it.”

Logan Pehota - A New Path in the Mountains

With a natural athleticism, Logan has taken to sledding like everything else he does, be it surfing, mountain biking or skiing. He’s a quick learner; after only a few seasons of riding, Logan was hitting some nasty drops and big senders. By Winter 2019, he was already attempting backflips on a sled in the backcountry.

Just like with his skiing, he’s into freestyle and big mountain freeriding on a sled, with a taste for whips, drops and deep pow. Logan admires the progressive freeriding style of Swedish riders, and that speaks to how his own style might one day come to be known in the snowmobile world.

– Matthew