September 30th, 2016

Night Rider: Suns gone, lights on.

Rider: Jeremy Hanke, Revelstoke, BC
Photo: Alain Sleigher

Sleds come stock with headlights right?

What are headlights for? Lighting up the darkness. Even when the sun departs, more riding can go down. As sledding style grows and re-invents itself every season, the filmer and photographer follow with their own style and night riding/shooting is pure fire right now.

Night riding turns everything you did on a sled during the day on its ear, creating a whole different kind of epic challenge, as the shadows from the moon cast an eerie light on the peaks. Some of the most memorable times I’ve ever had on a sled are staying at a backcountry cabin and heading out to ride after dinner when the sun has set. For maximum fun when the moon is bright and the skies are clear, pull your headlight bulbs out and let your eyes adjust.

If sledding in the backcountry leaves you with the ultimate sense of freedom, night sledding adds an element of epic forcing you to be creative with your riding style; step out of your comfort zone and paint the canvas at any time of the day, or night.

By Colin Wallace