May 30th, 2009

Pro Model Helmets

Weighing in at 1290 grams or 2.9lbs, this helmet is light!  It achieves this by using a carbon fiber / kevlar shell, with with a flomaxx mouth piece for maximum ventilation.  The cheek pads are removable and interchangeable for a custom fit, and for washing!  Add in a super soft chin strap, and this helmet will be the best thing you’ll ever put on your head.  
The very noticeable and unique flat brim visor is what really sets this helmet off at first glance.  Bringing the flat brim ball cap style that is so common today, into the helmet world was a clever move.  
Promodel Helmets is rider owned and rider operated!  It started as a simple drawing on a bar napkin to become what it is today.  Both Jimmy and Giles have worked hard to promote some of the biggest ‘wild card’ riders in the snowmobile industry that definitely made a lasting impression at this year at X-Games.  Jimmy set a new world record back flip at 110 ft., placed 2nd in the “Next Trick” comp, and Dan Ferguson cleaned up with a 1st place finish in “Next Trick” with an off axis back flip.  These boys are pushing it, and Promodel is along for the ride to help make it happen.
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