March 27th, 2018

Inaugural Red Bull Sledhammers Head-to-Head Hillclimb Race

Update: Red Bull has announced that X Games champ and all-round snowmobiling legend Levi Lavallee will compete in Red Bull Sledhammers!

The inaugural Red Bull Sledhammers event is a half-kilometer long, head-to-head snowmobile hillclimb race over a parallel and criss-crossing course comprised of gap jumps, banked slalom and whoops sections. Sixty-four racers will be put to the test on the unique, mirrored, 550m long course. The race is open to amateur snowmobilers, and they will be tested by yet-to-be-announced Red Bull athletes. This first-of-its-kind race will take place April 14, 2018 at the Ski La Reserve area in Saint Donat, a two-hour drive northwest of Montréal, Quebec.

Racers will compete head-to-head in a traditional knockout format. Both men and women (ages 16 and up) will compete in one open class. There are no restrictions on sled modifications. Over the course of the event, 32 head-to-head elimination races will pare the competition down to one shootout for the crowning of the first Red Bull Sledhammers champion.


Inaugural Red Bull Sledhammers Head-to-Head Hillclimb Race

The Course

Taking over the “Chute Libre” run on the north side of the Laurentian mountain, the course builders will require over 15,000 cubic meters of snow and approximately 120 hours to prepare the course. Two identical, side-by-side courses with a total of 18 features will be built. Over 10,000 tons of snow will be used in preparation for the event.


Red Bull Sledhammers 2018



The Course Obstacles

Expected to reach speeds of 120km/h (75mph), competitors’ best bet for reaching the finish in the fastest time is a direct line over all eight obstacles. Should sledders opt for an easier—but less direct—line, the result will be a slower time. Here’s a virtual run-through of the course.




‘The Pits’ – 1

The first obstacle of the course will force competitors to navigate their speed out of the gate, when they encounter a double set of dips running 6ft deep, where the rider will completely disappear to spectators.


‘The Over/Under’ – 2

This criss-cross section will disorient competitors as one racer enters a tunnel and the other crosses a bridge, thereby switching sides.


‘The Snakes’ – 3

This section is an elevated curve running 150’ long with a narrow 3’ entrance, widening out to 6′ in the middle and back to 3′ at the exit. Riders will have to be careful to not fall off the sides!


‘The Transfer Jump’ – 4

In one of the most advanced elements of the course, riders will have to choose to take the fastest line over a 40′ jump or take a longer, safer route around the jump, resulting in a slower time.


‘The Banks’ – 5

This is a traditional banked slalom section where riders will be required to navigate a series of banked turns, testing their technical ability and control.


‘The Triple Set’ – 6

In this section, there are three consecutive jumps, each increasing in length and difficulty. The first jump is 20′, the second is 30′ and the third is a step-up. Seasoned riders will plan these jumps out in advance.


‘Rhythm section’ – 7

This is a classic motocross and snocross feature, but will take place uphill to increase the difficultly. A series of ‘whoops’ will challenge racers to find the right rhythm, while maintaining speed and control.


‘The Sender’ – 8

The final feature will provide an exhilarating finish. Participants will execute a vertical 8′ jump towards the finish line.


Red Bull Sledhammers Free Admission for Spectators

The unique course and caliber of participants on site will lead to an incredible spectator event. Spectators are invited to attend Red Bull Sledhammers at no cost, starting at 10:00am. Event hosts Andy Mailley-Pressoir from TVA Sports and snocross commentator Mathieu Buteau will be on site to entertain the crowd and provide observers race rundown. Fans on site can also expect family activities, prizes and a special preview of the latest 2019 products from Yamaha.

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