November 24th, 2016

Ride Whistler Ride Report

Hi Guys! Went out for another ride today and….


Chris Brown


We’ve had a bit of a roller coaster fall here around Whistler and Pemberton. Good early snow led to some fun early season rides. And then it rained. And it rained a lot. And to the top. We decided to go to Hawaii for a quick getaway just before Pemberton started flooding. Our timing was perfect. Just as we got back home the freezing levels started dropping and cold precip started falling again.


Chris Brown

Hmmm, seems like Whistler is ready to ride!


We went for a rip last Friday near Squamish and it was decent. The base was at about a meter but you could see how much it had previously rained. That night it snowed pretty hard and really hasn’t let off much since. It was dumping last night so I got up early this morning and phoned a few friends to see if they wanted to ride. Some were going to Whistler’s opening day and some don’t have their new sleds yet. But KJ responded so we loaded up a 155 and 174 RMK and hit the road South to Sproat.

As we pulled on to the lower FSR in the valley we were pretty stoked to see about 15cm on the road. We didn’t even have to drive up at all… just unloaded in the valley and ripped up the road. As we got higher we could see that a lot of snow had fallen over the last couple days. We ran into a few other riders and we all punched the trail in to the top. It took us a couple hours as it was chest deep. Lots of stocks and lots of laughs later we made it. One sled down though. KJ tagged a stump or something on the way up and damaged the idler wheels on the 155. So it was time for KJ and I to tandem. We weren’t going to give up that easily. Luckily, we had the 174 (Big Bertha).


KJ figures it's too deep for the 174"

KJ figures it’s too deep for the 174″


Tandeming and breaking trail in low visibility was definitely interesting. It’s hard to tell what’s up or down sometimes when it’s snowing. Eventually, we all got to a spot where we could rip around and get some shots. We even got a few mini descents in and it was over the head. 🙂


Snow is stacking up out on the Coast

Snow is stacking up out on the Coast


We had a good crew of fun riders plus deep pow made for an awesome day! By the way, it’s still snowing… and they are forecasting another 60-80cm over the next 2 days and then blue skies for the weekend!

Now may be a good time to go through your Highmark pack and make sure you have everything you need before heading out for that first ride. It’s easy to rush and forget a lot of important gear…. especially on your first ride.  Check the Avalanche Canada app, check the weather and plan your trip accordingly. Don’t forget to put new batteries in your transceiver and do a range check to make sure it’s working properly. And don’t forget to do your transceiver checks before you start your ride. Observe the snowpack as you are riding, be smart, be safe and play hard.


We are now officially open. 😉 Who’s ready to Ride Whistler?


— Chris



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