November 23rd, 2016

2016 Sled Film Trailers

There’s white in the hills, but it’s just a tease. You’re jones-ing to get out riding, but face it—the snow’s not ready just yet. Time to check out the 2016 sled film teasers!

What’s a sledder to do? Well, you can load up like those other fools and head out for an early season rock exploration… or you can do what the smart fellas do, and wait until there’s a little more base.

But man, it sure is tough holding off and waiting patiently for another storm or two to pass when your newsfeed is full of shots of guys getting out and pulling donuts in what certainly ‘looks’ like bottomless pow. But smart sledders at home know that anyone can find a deep pocket for one picture. And the boisterous claims of “4 feet of bottomless!!” mean that in truth there is probably only half that much snowpack and without a doubt it has a bottom made up of sled-part-wrecking rocks.

So settle in for another weekend or two. Grab a few brewskis, hit the couch and check out some of the latest sled films to hit shelves this fall. Use the time to study what the best riders are doing in the sport these days, and make a few riding goals for yourself this winter. See what epic places are being explored, and take the opportunity to dream up your own big road trip to some destination you’ve always wanted to ride. And then take the first steps to making it a reality. Pick some dates and book some rooms so you can’t find an excuse to let it slip by later.

And if you really want to get off to a great start, spend a couple hours doing something you’ve heard about but never tried—exercise. Get those lungs and muscles tuned up for riding and you’ll be able to minimize the tiredness and aches and pains that come from your first few rides.

Then, you will be ready in mind, body and spirit to make this the best year of riding you’ve ever had! And as a bonus, you won’t have to start the year off fixing parts on your brand new ride!


Without further ado, here’s a compilation of the 2016 teasers (in alphabetical order) to help you decide which sled films to add to your cart this year. And stay tuned for Mountain Sledder Magazine’s annual film awards in the next issue!


509 Volume 11


Alpine Assassins 7


Boondockers 13


Braaap 16


Followcam 7


Munster Films


Slednecks 19


Slednez Momentum


Thunderstruck 15



Happy viewing!