March 17th, 2015

Shelley Heap, sledding talent

Shelley Heap regularly stomps the competition on the RMSHA hillclimb circuit, but she also challenges herself by attending university, holding down a part-time job and getting into the backcountry as much as possible. Even if hillclimb racing isn’t your bag, her name should be on your list of impressive sledding talent. Here’s what she had to say about her life and busy schedule.


RLT Photography

RLT Photography


“In addition to racing on the RMSHA Women’s Pro circuit, I also attend Utah State University and have a part time job, so it gets busy trying to keep up on everything I’m committed to. For most students, college winter and spring breaks consist of cruises and road trips to California, but I’d rather spend my time out riding. Weekends are the best because I can quickly load up my 2015 Polaris in the truck and get out and ride.









The RMSHA Circuit is a great association to be involved in if you’re looking for a competitive, fun and wild snowmobile competition. Every year we try to get eight races in before the end of the season. Our races are held on weekends, between February and April. Unfortunately this year, the last race is right before finals!


RLT Photography

RLT Photography


In a couple of weeks I will be headed to Jackson to compete in the 2015 Jackson Hole World Championships again, hopefully to continue with my record!”


– Shelley



If you follow RMSHA hillclimb racing at all, then you’ll already know Shelley Heap. In the last two years, she has finished 1st in Women’s Stock 800 and Women’s Improved Stock 800, and 2nd in Women’s Modified for RMSHA points. She has been Queen of the Hill at 5 races, and Triple Crowned at the Pinedale Hillclimb in 2014. In 2013 and 2014 Shelley was the Women’s Stock World Champion. Way to go Shelley!

Check out this Deric Swanson video of Shelley flying up the course at Pinedale, WY in March.  – MS