March 12th, 2014

Strikt Gear Company

Strikt Gear Company has been making bomber gear for 15 years one way or another. Whether is their extremely popular dirtbike gear for the Strikt brand, or indirectly producing clothing for NASCAR drivers or bulletproof vests for the army, they’ve got “durable” down.

However, to launch into the extremely competitive snowmobile outerwear market, Strikt knew that they’d need a niche to break into the conscious of snowmobilers.  Seeing an opportunity to fill a hole in the mountain snowmobiling market, Strikt began to build, test and re-build outerwear in Golden, BC. By working constantly with Golden-area riders and asking them not only to put hundreds of hours on the gear, but asking them to be as hard on the jackets and pants as possible.

Once the premier line of Strikt Snowmobile Gear hit the market, the company knew they’d need something big to draw attention to the brand, both from dealerships and from consumers.  Enter the “Strikt Win a Sled” contest.  For months, sledders were asked to start following Strikt on facebook and in turn, be entered to win a mystery sled from a Strikt Dealer.  The company admits it was tricky at first to get people interested in a sled they couldn’t see, but once the official Strikt dealer was named and the sled announced, the contest sky-rocketed.

With a sexy-looking custom wrap from ECD customs, a Summit 800 was wrapped up in an eye-catching blue sled wrap and put on display in one of the biggest Ski-Doo dealerships in Canada – Stojan’s Power Sports & Marine in Grande Prairie, AB.  Stojan’s ended up being the largest dealer of Strikt Gear as well, so the partnership was a natural one.

On March 1st, Strikt drew the name Mike Pilgrim and announced on Facebook that Mike was the winner of the Summit 800. And waited. For hours.  “It took forever!” says a representative of the company. “We thought the winner would call us within seconds, but nothing.  We checked out Mike’s facebook page to see if anyone had posted on his wall that he’d won, but all we saw was dozens of ‘Happy Birthday’ posts.  It was going to be awesome – we were giving this guy a sled on his birthday!”

Mike’s girlfriend eventually started getting texts from friends asking how stoked Mike was and they eventually put 2 and 2 together.  Pilgrim had been out sledding for his birthday and is excited to do some more riding on his new set-up. He’s a local rider at Yanks Peak, Big Timothy and Crooked Lake in the Williams Lake Area and is looking forward to trips to Valemount, Whistler and Revy down the road.

Finally Mike contacted Strikt Gear Company and arrangements were made for him to go pick up the sled from Williams Lake.  A short 9 hour drive (that became 15 hours) and Mike was meeting with Craig at Stojan’s to load up his new toy.  Not a bad birthday for young Mike!