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Would Your Riding Partners Be Able to Save Your Life?

Is your rider buddy equipped with the skills to use all that gear to save your life? Have they practiced recently, or are their skills rusty? Why not ask them straight-out: When…

Get Avy Savvy! Avalanche Gear and Training 101

It’s a fresh season with new dreams and goals. However, before heading deep into the backcountry, it’s time to arm yourself with information about avalanche gear and training! Now is also the…

Chris Burandt And Matt Entz Talk Avalanche Airbags

Shredders Chris and Matt took time out of a May ride to talk about avalanche safety, their airbag of choice and why they like them. Matt talks about wearing a vest-style pack, stating,…

Jay Mentaberry Avalanche Involvement

As I parked and set my foot on the snow, the whole hillside started to move.