Tech & Riding Tips Update | Mountain Sledder
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Mountain Sledder | November 17, 2018

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Tech & Riding Tips Update | Mountain Sledder

Tech & Riding Tips Update

Each year, as new sleds are developed, we get requests from members for new tech tips, as well as riding tips on “how to’s” for different riding moves.  We do our best to film and give you the videos which get the most requests.

Last week the crew found some time to get out riding, and then spend some time in the shop shooting some new video.  The first couple of videos from that day are already in the galleries – one riding update in the main gallery, just showing some of the amazing conditions we had that day, and a “Turn Ups” video in the tech tips gallery.

Watch out during the rest of the season for: “unstucks” – various techniques for getting your sled unstuck, “tandem riding”, “how to change a belt on a 2012 Arctic Cat M8” and “how to check and maintain air shock”s – now stock on many mountain sleds.

Be sure to check out the galleries on a regular basis, and let us know of any other tips you’d like to see.


Kylehimself says:

Appreciate the videos. Keep it up!