February 7th, 2012

Snowmobiling in McBride, BC – A Real Welcome

A couple of friends of mine were doing an AST1 course last weekend in McBride, BC. So the three of us had decided to add in a day of “research” before the course, and another day after it.  We’d heard a lot about snowmobiling in McBride from the Mountain Sledder community, and we were keen to see what all the talk was about.


Snowmobiling in McBride, BC – A Real Welcome

It lived up to the hype. We arrived after a recent storm, and were greeted by one day of mixed weather before the skies broke blue. Of the three main riding areas in McBride, we rode both Lucille and Renshaw—both zones are well worth a visit.

Rod—a well known local sledder—was good enough to show us around Lucille on the first day. We were stoked to share the zone with only one other crew all day!  On Friday, we rode The Renshaw. Although there were about 150 more people in the zone, you wouldn’t have known it. The place is MASSIVE.  Much like Chatter in Golden, Boulder in Revy and the Pemberton Ice Cap on the coast, you can travel all day in this zone and never cross your own tracks. Make sure you take extra gas!

We spent four days in McBride in total. And we certainly felt welcome! This is a small town that really knows how to look after its visitors. Thanks to Rosanna and her team at the Giggling Grizzly, Rod, Clint at Spindrift, the Sandman Inn, and Judy from McBride Big Country Snowmobile Association.

On the last day we drove back to Golden via Valemount, and took the opprtunity to ride Clemina. It’s another awesome place with more riding options than you can do justice to in one day.  I guess next time we’ll have to spend more time on a road trip!


– Dave