What does Doo have for 2011? | Mountain Sledder
February 24th, 2010

What does Doo have for 2011?

We’ve all heard rumors of the 2011 Summit 800 E-tec, and this is what all you Doo fans have to look forward to!  Lower emissions, better fuel economy, new graphics, and of course better / lighter throttle response!  What does this mean?  An easier to ride 2 stroke that sheds much less smoke!  Doo claims a few extra ponies from this new motor as well which in this day in age is a must keeping up with the Jones’s.  
Like many of you I sat there and counted down the minutes last night until the release just to basically see colors!  You think we all have a small addiction?  
Check out the 2011 Doo line up HERE!