November 4th, 2014

What’s Going on with Geoff Kyle?

Geoff Kyle is a pretty good snowmobiler.  You might remember him from such films as Slednecks, Braaap, 2 Stroke Cold Smoke and heaps of others.  You might also have encountered him at his backcountry Lodge of Awesomeness in Whistler, BC where he is living your dream, renting snowmobiles, guiding tours, conducting camps and really just putting your desk job and weekend warriorness to shame.  Here’s what’s up with Geoff, including the gear he’s stoked on and his new chalet.

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In today’s world, the evolution of big mountain riding has taken the direction of larger tracks, lighter machines, higher horsepower and more agility. With all of these improvements, sledding through all the elements that Mother Nature has to offer has become easier than ever. These concepts have now been implemented into another avenue of big mountain riding that seems to be sweeping across backcountry terrain everywhere… Snow biking or Sno-Moto’s are generating such an incredible following from the first time rider all the way to the seasoned sled vets because of their incredible ability to tackle the back country terrain with an easy to ride/go anywhere attitude.


Geoff Kyle's FreeRide

Geoff Kyle’s FreeRide

Many people have previous notions from the days of the “Snow Hawk”. A heavy, cumbersome machine that seems to take superior dirt biking skills to maneuver this beast around and only has one winter purpose.  Well, evolution has left its mark on this new style of big mountain backcountry riding with the help of aftermarket companies such as Timbersled. Timbersled, along with other companies, has created an aftermarket retrofit package that literally bolts on to your existing motor bike in about 2-3 hours and turns it into a backcountry weapon. We now have the opportunity to ride our bikes 365 days a year in the low-lying valleys or the snow-covered high alpine.

Snow bikes seem to have a distinct advantage in steep technical terrain because their center balance point allows for a quick and effortless weight change for course correction and slope angles. This means that the gravity of fall lines and uneven slopes is much easier to ride and maneuver through and does not dictate where you might be forced to travel with a sled.

With this newfound freedom comes an element of danger because this opens the door to steeper and more advanced terrain than one might be ready for.  Only hours after riding the snow bike, beginners can find themselves in intermediate terrain that would normally take months to master on a sled. More advanced riders can find themselves in extremely hazardous terrain that would take a lot of effort and skill on a sled. For this reason, I recommend or even suggest it should be mandatory to have an avalanche protection pack. I have tried different avy-packs on the market today and have found that the Snow Pulse avy-pack to be the best in comfort, protection and durability. This is the one piece of equipment that allows you the ability to self-rescue in the event an avalanche should happen and you are not visible to others. The Highmark by Snowpulse airbag, when triggered, takes under 3 seconds to inflate and gives you protection around your chest, neck and head, which can allow you to float with your head in an upright position. The durable air bag has the ability to absorb a tremendous amount of trauma that could otherwise be life threatening when tumbling in an avalanche through trees, debris or rocky terrain. To find out more on different packs to suit your needs please visit

Sledding has been my life for over 20 years where I’ve learned to ride here in the Coastal mountains of Whistler, BC. After trying out these Sno-Motos, I quickly realized that there is room in my life for both types of machines with each having their own benefits. Shortly thereafter I started a new adventure company with a good friend Richard Lemaire called “Sno-Moto Adventures”. This is offered through my adventure-guiding outfit called “Geoff Kyle’s Freeride” which caters to clients that are looking for the ultimate backcountry experience. Whether on single or multi-day freeriding adventures or freeriding camps and clinics, riders can improve their skills and gain the experience and confidence to increase their ability to the next level. With our fleet of KTM Sno-Moto’s and Ski-Doo sleds, we are able to give our clients the choice of how they would like to pursue their backcountry experience.


This year I am very happy to announce the purchase of our new log chalet based just outside of Whistler. It is located in the middle of our vast riding areas where the choices of different types of terrain and riding experiences seem almost endless. Perched below towering 8,000-foot high peaks you are sure to feel Mother Nature nearby. The direction we wanted to take was to accommodate our clients in an all-inclusive experience that allows them to concentrate on riding and enjoying what Whistler and its surroundings has to offer without the organization and expense that normally can come along with this type of trip. Keeping it personal with in-chalet rooms or more private with detached suite we offer a high-end lodge atmosphere where relaxing comes with ease. Large Jacuzzi with spectacular mountain views, in-chalet cooked delicious meals and a large sled shop are just a few of the benefits we offer to our clients and guests. For more information on our high-end guided mountain adventures please visit – – and book your trip of a lifetime.


Geoff Kyle's FreeRide

Geoff Kyle’s FreeRide – The New Digs!