October 16th, 2010

What’s Treadway been up to?

As you can imagine the life of a professional sledder and professional skier takes a bit of time and effort, as these things do not come easy.  Being a professional is unlike most people’s perception, as it takes an endless amount of work not just skill to fulfill meet the corporate demands.  The off season is not simply for relaxing but setting up the season ahead!
In Dan’s case this is not just paper work and deal making, but of course HUNTING!!
If you’ve ever been surfing the web and came accross www.dantreadway.com it’s worth a few seconds to check out his BLOG to see what he has been up to!  
This guy is a serious piece of work and carries a reality TV like persona.  I can almost picture it!  
Dan has another talent besides Skiing, Sledding, Hunting, and Fishing… He’s a builder too.
Dan makes his seasonal voyage to Ontario for building season to create some great lakeside homes and cottages.  
For those of you who haven’t seen Slednecks 13 yet, check out Dan’s part!  It’s one of the most progressive backcountry sledding segments I’ve ever seen.
For more on Dan visit www.dantreadway.com