November 26th, 2015



“WINTERRUPTION, a new digital series that follows professional snowmobile athlete Levi LaVallee. Watch as he takes a step back from the daily grind of training, competing, and running a successful professional race team to reignite his passion for the sport he loves.”

Follow along with this series to see what goes on behind the scenes in the life of 10 X-Games medallist, Snocross champ and World Record holder Levi LeVallee. The first episode of WINTERRUPTION is beautifully shot and edited by Joe Wiegele, and produced by No.Style Productions. Check it out!





“Levi LaVallee hits the road with teammate Kyle Pallin on their first adventure to Cooke City, MT. This first trip is what ultimately lit the fire and was the start of Levi’s WINTERRUPTION movement. Getting back to the basics of having fun is what it’s all about.”