January 30th, 2018

X Games Aspen 2018 Results Snowmobile and Snow Bike Events

For winter athletes, one of the most important events of the year—X Games Aspen 2018—is in the books. It’s an unparalleled opportunity for exposure, and a chance to showcase an athlete’s skill on a international stage. This is especially true for snowmobile and snow bike athletes, who often perform at their highest level in the backcountry. Here are the X Games Aspen 2018 Results for snowmobile and snow bike competition.

Canadian riders took center stage at Aspen 2018, earning gold medals in three of four motorized events.


X Games Aspen 2018 Results

Snowmobile Speed & Style

Thursday, January 25

We’d seen plenty of footage of Brett Turcotte training at his compound in Clearwater, BC this winter. So we knew he was focused on getting back in the game after a serious off-season injury. His tenacity certainly paid off on Thursday night, facing off against Levi LaVallee in the final to win the Snowmobile Speed & Style event.

The final was super exciting, with a little contact in the second corner between the competitors. LaVallee came out ahead and scored slightly faster in the speed category, but Turcotte’s higher score in the style component was enough to pull out the win.


Snowmobile Freestyle

Friday, January 26

The rivalry would extend into the next day, as Turcotte and LaVallee would take gold and silver again in another close match. LaVallee scored an 88.00 on the strength of a big Cordova flip and an even bigger Kiss of Death flip. But it wasn’t enough to catch the leader, Turcotte, who scored a 92.00 on his second run. He started it off by stomping a California roll body varial with a no hander-lander, which set the stage for the rest of his ultra-smooth run.


Snow BikeCross

Saturday, January 27

The first of two snow bike events went down on Saturday, and a couple of Canadian athletes outpaced the rest of the group by a long shot. The twenty-lap event made for some chaos as the course deteriorated and racers were lapped.

Gold went to former Canadian National Superbike Champ Cody Matechuk by a margin of more than 8 seconds. Matechuk held the lead from the holeshot, despite dropping his bike briefly in one corner on lap 13. Brock Hoyer took the silver medal by a whopping 14 seconds over the 3rd place finisher, Kody Kamm. The two really were in a class of their own on the course.


Snow Bike Best Trick

Sunday, January 28

In the first year of the new Snow Bike Best Trick event, a couple of Australian FMX converts took the top two podium positions. Rob Adelberg used his Freestyle Motocross background to take home the top prize, having only ridden a snow bike for a month prior to the event.  He stomped a California roll body varial despite a difficult, off-axis landing. Jackson Strong, also from the “Land Down Under”, earned the silver medal with a perfectly executed Cordova backflip.


X Games Aspen 2018 was an epic event as always, and this year was a little more special for several of our Canadian athletes. Congratulations to all the athletes who put their skills on display at the event!

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– MS