April 8th, 2020

VIDEO – Boondocking! Yamaha SX Venom Mountain & Arctic Cat BLAST M

It's a mid-sized madness!

Mountain Sledder’s full-sized riders, Pat and Sean, take out the 2021 Yamaha SX Venom Mountain and Arctic Cat BLAST M 4000 mid-sized mountain sleds for a rip through the woods, hills and meadows to find out what they’re capable of. Check it out below!

The 7/8th size sleds from Yamaha and Arctic Cat are powered by a 2-stroke, electronic fuel-injected single 400cc engine. The liquid-cooled engine produces 65 horsepower. The sled has electric start and push-button reverse.

Yamaha SX Venom & Arctic Cat BLAST_-4
Yamaha SX Venom & Arctic Cat BLAST_-3

On the chassis side, both “mountain” models of the SX Venom and BLAST 4000 feature a single-beam rear suspension for easy, controllable sidehilling and turn initiation in powder snow. The sled is propelled by a 146″ x 15″ track with a 2″ paddle.

Yamaha SX Venom & Arctic Cat BLAST_
Yamaha SX Venom & Arctic Cat BLAST_-2

The suspension has been softened to improve handling for lighter folks, but is otherwise very capable, with an impressive 12″ of travel in the rear and 8.3″ of travel in the front.

Yamaha SX Venom & Arctic Cat BLAST_-8

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