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February 10th, 2023

YETI SnowMX Snow Bikes Discontinued

Snow bike manufacturer, YETI SnowMX, has announced that it will discontinue production of snow bikes and accessories effective immediately.

The brand announced the decision on social media. (Update 23/02/21: YETI SnowMX has deleted their Facebook and Instagram social media accounts)

The decision to shut down manufacturing of YETI SnowMX comes less than six years after the St. Albert, AB snow bike manufacturer was purchased by Camso in 2017.

The parent company of YETI SnowMX, Camso, is owned by Michelin and is a major player in off-road tires, wheels, tracks and track systems manufacturing.

Camso has also previously manufactured the DTS 129 (Dirt-To-Snow) conversion snow bike kit under its own brand name until model year 2020.

2023 YETI SnowMX snow bike kits will be the last model year available from the manufacturer.

YETI-SnowMX_Snowbike_Mountain_137-MT copy

YETI SnowMX Will Continue to Provide Support

At the time of the publication YETI SnowMX had not issued a press release regarding the decision, but shared with Mountain Sledder the following statement:

“To prioritize our focus on other areas of the recreational off-the-road market, we have made the decision to discontinue the YETI SnowMX product line, effective immediately.

“We are grateful for the support of our strong snowbike community over the past five years, and deeply value our relationship with our dealers and consumers, which is why our support service will remain accessible to support existing YETI SnowMX consumers in the market.”

YETI-SnowMX_Snowbike_Lineup-2023 copy

Fortunately for YETI SnowMX owners, the manufacturer is committed to continuing the support of its snow bike kits with parts. These will continue to be available through the company and its network of dealers.

Accessories such as the Cargo Rack, Bogie Wheel and Freewheel kits will only be available while still in stock. Elka Stage 3 and 5 shocks will continue to remain available through YETI SnowMX dealers.

Colour options for parts will be limited to current stock only, and in the future only black will be available for replacement parts.

Finally, YETI SnowMX will not be creating any new fitment kits for future donor dirt bike models.

For more information on YETI SnowMX support in the future, see their FAQs here.

– MS