March 13th, 2018

Improvements to 2019 Camso DTS 129 Snow Bike Conversion Kit

Camso is at it again with some updates to their 2019 Camso DTS 129 dirt-to-snow bike conversion. After some tweaking last year, Camso has continued to play with the suspension geometry to further improve the ride characteristics of the kit. The brand is also offering some incentives for riders to order early, in their “Snowrush Program”. Here are all the details.


2019 Camso DTS 129 – A Smoother Ride

Camso’s engineers have continued to refine the suspension geometry of the DTS 129. This in an effort to make the kit more responsive, and improve the transition from trail to deep snow conditions. The 2019 Camso DTS 129 features a new rising cam and a revised spring rate. They’ve also added suspension travel and sag to enhance rider control in rough trail conditions. The improved suspension will reduce peak pressure and feedback on the ski, while maintaining more constant track contact with the ground.

Camso claims their 2019 DTS 129 will offer more of a motocross feel to the ride in all types of terrain. The skid will continue to feature the same unique single-rail suspension technology, which is designed to more closely match the the balance and behaviour of a dirt bike than a two-rail design. The track itself is 129″ long by 12.5″ wide, with a burly 2.5″ lug.

“Like our customers, we never let go of the idea that there’s always a new adventure out there, a way to go the extra mile,” says Bruce Dashnaw, Sales & Marketing Executive Director – Powersports. “The Camso DTS 129 allows dirt bike riders to ride year-round, and provides them with a new, exhilarating way to extend their season.”


2019 Camso DTS 129



Spring Order Snowrush Program Incentives

Camso is offering several incentives to help secure spring orders from potential 2019 Camso DTS 129 buyers. Each kit sold will come with a voucher for a personalized graphic wrap. Also included is a functional wheel kit that will allow the bike to be moved about more easily on hard surfaces.

“Dirtbike and snowmobile riders are passionate about the sport and their ride, and they love to customize the look of their machine. With the Snowrush Program, we’re allowing them to stand out and move their bike around, as well as giving them early access to the new model,” says Dashnaw.

By taking advantage of the Snowrush Program, riders will receive their 2019 Camso DTS 129 as soon as in August. The Snowrush Program, which offers over $500 value in accessories, will be included with no extra cost on all spring orders between March 7 and May 11, 2018 at Camso dealers. It is unclear if the same incentives will be available to customers purchasing a 2019 Camso DTS 129 kit as an accessory for Yamaha WR450F bikes through the Camso partnership with Yamaha Parts and Accessories.


— MS