2020 Arctic Cat Riot Crossover Snowmobile | Mountain Sledder
February 22nd, 2019

2020 Arctic Cat Riot Crossover Snowmobile

The 2020 Arctic Cat Riot is a 50-50 crossover sled, with two different models aimed at specific riders within the crossover market.

The Riot incorporates elements from the both ZR lineup and from the mountain-specific Mountain Cat. The 2020 Arctic Cat Riot will come in two configurations, tailored to address the specific needs of riders within the crossover category.

2020 Arctic Cat Riot Snowmobile

Arctic Cat Riot Model

The standard Arctic Cat Riot will be tailored for those who spend a little more time on-trail than off.

Up front, the Riot ARS II front suspension utilizes new, forged aluminum spindles.




And in the rear, is an all-new cross-action suspension. Arctic Cat claims that the “Cross-action rear suspension blends the increased weight transfer of an uncoupled rear arm with the optimal cornering and bump absorption of our slide action front arm, resulting in a playful ride quality.” Arctic Cat’s Interactive Arctic Cat Technology (iACT) will be available as an option.

The Riot model will come with a 146″ Cobra track, with either 1.35″ or 1.6″ paddles.

Interestingly, the 2020 Arctic Cat Riot will offer a lay-down steering post, rather than the vertical steering post which is traditionally offered in the mountain lineup.

The Riot will use a mountain seat, however the ski stance will be decidedly un-mountain, with adjustability between 42 and 43 inches.

Arctic Cat Riot X Model

The other available configuration will be the Arctic Cat Riot X, which is intended for crossover riders who like to head off-trail a little more often. The standard track will be a 146″ long Challenger track with 2″ lugs. The gearing will be a 19/50 to optimize the configuration for intended use. All models will use a 9-tooth extrovert driver.

The Riot X will use the same Arctic Mountain Suspension front-end used by the mountain sleds. However, it will have a wider 39.5 to 41.5 adjustable ski stance, which will make the sled more capable on trail than the mountain lineup.

2020 Arctic Cat Riot

And finally, the Riot X will feature a vertical steering post which is better designed for counter-steering and sidehilling.

Both models will feature running boards that are reinforced with an extrusion for increased rigidity. The will use the G2 ProClimb 7 ski across the board. And both will offer a standard tunnel rack for hauling gear.

Riot models will be available with the 6000 C-TEC2 or 8000 C-TEC2 engines, and Riot X will only be available with the 8000 C-TEC2. All will offer push-button starting.

The Riot and Riot X models will be available in Charcoal/Electric Blue or Hyper Green/Electric Blue colour schemes.

The differences between the new 2020 Arctic Cat Riot and Riot X models are not insignificant. Although they are both aimed at the crossover market, they are specifically tailored to appeal to a broad range of crossover riders—the Riot for those who have more fun on-trail, and the Riot X for those who prefer to go off-trail.

As with other 2020 Arctic Cat sleds, the Riot and Riot X models will be available as ‘Spring Guarantee’ only. Buyers who want a 2020 Arctic Cat sled will have to order this spring before April 30, as according to Arctic Cat, their 2020 sleds won’t be available for purchase in-season.


– MS