VIDEO – 2021 Timbersled Shootout! RIOT Velocity, RIOT S, ARO 3 & ARO S!
April 22nd, 2020

VIDEO – 2021 Timbersled Shootout! RIOT Velocity, RIOT S, ARO 3 & ARO S!

It's a 2021 Timbersled Shootout! In this video, we ride four snow bike models, talk about what's new and offer our thoughts on the differences between them.

Mountain Sledder test rider, Sean, riding the 2021 ARO 3 Velocity.

We also had the opportunity to talk to Timbersled Development Engineer, Cody Telford, and Development Technician, Phil Driggars, who provide us with details on some of the new technology for 2021.

TImbersled Showdown! 05
Timbersled Development Tech, Phil Driggars, getting rowdy on the 2021 Timbersled RIOT Velocity.

In the video below, we take four different 2021 Timbersled snow bike kits out, bash through some bush, fall over and generally make fools of ourselves as we try out the snow bike kits. The four different Timbersled models we tested for this shootout are:

  • 2021 Timbersled RIOT Velocity
  • 2021 Timbersled RIOT S
  • 2021 Timbersled ARO 3 Velocity
  • 2021 Timbersled ARO S
TImbersled Showdown! 01
Mountain Sledder rider, Pat, taking a moment after tipping over accidentally to act all cool and explain how the RIOT skid geometry achieves a lighter ski pressure.

Okay, here it is, our 2021 Timbersled Shootout video!

2021 Timbersled Shootout Thoughts

TImbersled Showdown! 03
We thought the 'S' models would only be suited for smaller riders, but they are majorly confidence inspiring for riders of all sizes.
TImbersled Showdown! 06
Timbersled Development Engineer, Cody Telford, showing the capability of the ARO S.

Although we don’t ride snow bikes all that often—and clearly from the video aren’t great at doing it—we sure had a heck of a good time ripping around for our 2021 Timbersled shootout.

As you can see from the video, even inexperienced riders have have a blast, and the new RIOT S and ARO S kits will make it even easier for new riders to get out there and enjoy the mountains on a snow bike.

Thanks for watching! See you next time!


– MS


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