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March 2nd, 2020

2021 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup

For the 2021 Timbersled snow bike lineup, the company has focused on inspiring performance.

To do so, it has improved on its successful Timbersled RIOT and ARO 3 models from last year with a premium shocks package and a lighter driveline from their race kit in their Velocity models.

Another new model, designated with an ‘S’, will feature a lower seat height and revised suspension to help newer and smaller riders gain confidence.

Here’s what’s new for the 2021 Timbersled snow bike lineup!


2021 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup – What's New

2021 Timbersled RIOT Velocity and ARO 3 Velocity

Timbersled has kicked its premium models from 2020 up a notch with the offering of the Velocity configuration of the RIOT and ARO 3 models.

The Velocity model of both the RIOT and ARO 3 features a lightweight jackshaft, driveshaft and sprocket design that comes from the proven 120R race kit. These improvements shave 3.5 lbs of weight off each model.

The Velocity models also feature high quality Walker Evans Racing Velocity shocks. These are a premium, highly adjustable shock with better response and bottom out resistance.

2021 Timbersled Snow Bike_-7
The 2021 Timbersled RIOT Velocity.

2021 Timbersled ARO 129 S and RIOT S

Also new for 2021 are a few ‘S’ models, which are designed to be easier to ride. The ARO 129 S, RIOT S and RIOT S LE feature a 3” lower seat height to help inspire rider confidence. A lower center of gravity improves agility and control.

In addition, the suspension design has better efficiency, which allows smaller displacement bikes such as 250 cc dirt bikes to power the track.

A new spindle that is 2.5” shorter, combined with a revised geometry in the rear suspension, results in an increased rake angle which improves steering geometry for easier control and comfort.

2021 Timbersled Snow Bike_-5
2021 Timbersled ARO 129 S

Like its big brother the ARO 129, the ARO 129 S uses the same 129” Traverse track and IFP shocks. The RIOT S uses the RIOT track and has the option of IFP shocks in the base model, or Fox ZERO QS3 shocks in the RIOT S Limited Edition model.

Mountain Sledder had the opportunity to test ride both the ARO 129 S and the RIOT S last week. For a couple of fully-grown, adult male “snowmobilers” who don’t ride snow bikes often, we found the S models not only incredibly capable, but considerably easier to control and maneuver than their full-sized counterparts. We were convinced that while Timbersled is in part marketing these models to smaller riders, that they are no less capable of building confidence in larger fellas with limited experience too. While the suspension is softer with less travel, this was not a limiting factor by any means.

2021 Timbersled Snow Bike_-4
The ARO S is a confidence builder for many different riders.

2021 Timbersled Snow Bike Lineup

The high performance Timbersled RIOT and ARO 3 models have only been available since last spring and already those models are seeing some improvements. A significantly lighter rotating mass will certainly have a big performance boost in the Velocity models, even without consideration of the premium Walker Evans shocks package taken into account. The Velocity shocks which have been proven on the racecourse are now available to riders who insist on the best.

Yet Timbersled is not satisfied with answering only to the demands of skilled riders. The company is also addressing the need to help new, smaller and/or less confident riders make the transition to riding a snow bike with its new ‘S’ models. And given the growth of the sport, that seems like a clever move. The RIOT S and ARO S models will also allow dirt bike riders with 250 cc bikes to easily transition into year-round riding.


See the 2021 Timbersled press release below, and stay tuned to sleddermag.com for the results of our time aboard the 2021 Timbersled snow bike lineup!


– MS

Timbersled Leads the Snow Bike Industry with New 2021 Product Lineup

March 2, 2020 (Sandpoint, ID) The foundations of creative innovation and superior design at Timbersled are stronger than ever with the release of the 2021 Timbersled lineup. Timbersled continues to push the envelope, with all-new models for experienced and new riders alike.

New for 2021, Timbersled has released ultra-premium shock packages with the introduction of the RIOT Velocity and the ARO3 Velocity. These models were developed in pursuit of the ultimate riding experience, bringing legendary Walker Evans Velocity shock technology and performance to the snow bike market for the first time ever.

With a three-inch reduced seat height, the new RIOT S and ARO S models bring unbeatable agility and confidence to the riding experience. Ready to dominate tracks across the snowbelt, the all-new 120 SX is purpose built for the racetrack. Backed by the design expertise and engineering capability of Polaris, the world leader in powersports, the 2021 Timbersled lineup has something for every rider.

RIOT Velocity & ARO3 Velocity
Representing the latest evolution in snow bike technology, Walker Evans Racing Velocity shocks exceed the demands of the most extreme riders. The all-new Walker Evans Velocity shocks are an ultra-premium, high performance snow bike design. Through the position sensitive needle and tuned remote reservoir design, they offer superior feel and bottom out resistance. High and low speed compression adjustment allow the shock to be fine-tuned for any terrain. The ARO3 and RIOT Velocity models feature exclusive lightweight componentry, developed on the race track. The lightweight drivetrain works in harmony with the Velocity shocks to create a technologically superior, ultra-high performance Timbersled.

New for 2021, the ARO S and RIOT S models focus on handling, agility, and confidence. With a three-inch lower seat height than the ARO and RIOT, the new S-models bring a confidence-inspiring stance and effortless handling to the Timbersled experience. The high efficiency suspension design puts more power to the snow, ideal for a 250cc dirt bike. Whether new to snow bikes or an experienced rider, the new S-models are fun and easy to ride.

120 SX
Built upon the success of the factory race team-exclusive 120R, the new 120 SX from Timbersled is designed for the track. A narrow, lightweight chassis equipped with FOX Racing internal bypass shocks provides a cutting-edge foundation for dirt bike riders to race all year long. The 120 SX’s lightweight drivetrain components provide power to the ground through an all-new race spec track. A SnowCheck Exclusive model for 2021, the new 120 SX will taker racers one place – the podium. Timbersled snow bike kits stand strong atop the industry, with the easiest conversion, best community, and most complete model lineup. Available at over 200 dealers across North America, the complete 2021 Timbersled lineup has an offering for every riding style.

Full 2021 Timbersled Lineup
Timbersled®  RIOT ™  120, LE, & Velocity: A RIOT in all snow conditions, the highest fun factor of any bike on the snow.
Timbersled® 120 SX: Born to Race and Built to Win. Championship caliber technology and race spec design.
Timbersled® ARO ™ S, RIOT S, & RIOT S LE: Unbeatable agility and confidence, with a 3” lower seat height.
Timbersled®  ARO ™  129 & 129 LE: Unmatched handling, proven performance.
Timbersled®  ARO ™  3 & Velocity: Deep powder dominance with the industry’s first and only 3” track.
Timbersled®  ARO ™  137 LE: Delivers the ultimate deep snow floatation. Its long, high-flotation track lets riders ride in the deepest snow and make the steepest climbs.
Timbersled®  Ripper ™ : Everyone can enjoy the fun of riding with this kit designed for installation on your favorite 110cc bike.