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March 3rd, 2021

2022 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Mountain Lineup

The model year 2022 Arctic Cat snowmobiles have been revealed!

It’s time now to find out more about what’s on offer in Arctic Cat’s 60th year of snowmobile production. Here we go!

2022 Arctic Cat Mountain Snowmobiles

Since we’re Mountain Sledder, we’re going to exclusively focus on what’s new for the mountain segment.

Along with a number of smaller changes and the availability of more options for mountain riders, there are two big changes that will be of interest to mountain sledders.

ADAPT Clutches

For 2022, Arctic Cat snowmobiles will no longer use TEAM continuously variable transmission clutches. Instead, they have been replaced with primary and secondary clutches of Arctic Cat’s own design and build, called the ADAPT CVT System. The ADAPT clutches are considered the next evolution of CVT by the snowmobile manufacturer.

Both the primary and secondary clutches are new, but it is the primary that is most improved over the previous system from TEAM.


The ADAPT primary is 1.1 lb lighter than the TEAM primary, which provides a greater than 5% reduction in inertia. It is also 1 inch narrower, which equates to less stress on the output shaft. The primary (drive) clutch consists of all new hardware, spider and sheaves. It has a new spring design and rates. On average, the weight calibration is about 6-8 grams lighter than the previous design.

The ADAPT secondary clutch will also provide the benefit of automatic belt tension adjustment. It will automatically and continuously adjust belt tension throughout the life of the belt so that the clutches never need to be adjusted to accommodate for belt wear. It features a new sheave design that has common geometry. Springs and CAMS from previous design will work on the new ADAPT system.

The ADAPT CVT System will use the same belt that is used on model year 2021 snowmobiles with TEAM clutches.

For owners of earlier models, Arctic Cat will provide an ADAPT replace-by package for service parts that should be available in Fall 2021.

2022 Arctic Cat Mountain Snowmobiles

For model year 2022, Arctic Cat will continue with some changes to its two mountain-specific models: M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE and M 8000 Hardcore ALPHA ONE.

Hrdc-MtnCat Group_AC_Clark_MY22_TogwateeWY02073_cc

2022 M 8000 Hardcore

One of the biggest changes to the Arctic Cat mountain lineup for MY2022 is the availability of a shorter, 146” track length in the M 8000 Hardcore model. Freeriders, rejoice!

M 8000 Hardcore 146”

For MY2022, the M 8000 Hardcore Alpha One model will be available in a 146” track length, with a 2.6” lug, 2.86” pitch Power Claw track.

Arctic Cat Director of Product Strategy, Brian Dick, says the 146” length Hardcore model is in response to a demand they’ve identified internally as well as requests they’ve been hearing from dealers and customers for a shorter track mountain sled.


This should please the aggressive freeriding mountain sledders who have clamoured for a shorter track length in mountain capable models. That said, you can’t please everyone, and some of those same riders will probably bemoan the lack of a twin rails option in this model.

However, the Hardcore 146” model with its 36” ski stance will also be a fantastic option for the crossover customer who is looking for a more mountain capable version of the RIOT X for tackling technical backcountry terrain.

Crossover riders looking for a sled that is more backcountry capable than the RIOT X might find what they’re looking for in the M 8000 Hardcore 146.

The Hardcore model in 146” track length will be available with manual start only, in two colours.


M 8000 Hardcore ALPHA ONE 154 and 165


For MY2022, all Hardcore models will benefit from the new Arctic Cat proprietary ADAPT CVT clutches. Otherwise, the models will remain largely unchanged.

Here are the highlights:

  • Available in two colour schemes: Orange/Black and Hyper Green/Black
  • 8000 C-TEC2 2-stroke DSI engine
  • ALPHA-ONE rear suspension
  • FOX 1.5 ZERO QS3 Coil-over shocks
  • FOX 1.5 ZERO QSL Coil-over rear track shock
  • 15” x 154” x 2.6”, 15” x 154” x 3” and 15” x 165” x 3” Power Claw track options
  • 146” track with 2.6” lug (manual start only) Power Claw track
  • 35.5-37.5 in. adjustable ski stance
  • Electric or manual start
2022 Arctic Cat Hardcore 154 with 2.6" lug.
2022 Arctic Cat Hardcore 154 with 3" lug.
Hrdcr_Power Claw Track
The Arctic Cat Hardcore PowerClaw track.
Hrdcr_Reinforced Running Boards
Hrdcr_Ascender Platform
Hrdcr_Alpha One

2022 M 8000 Mountain Cat

Arctic Cat’s ATAC system, which was first made available on Arctic Cat MY2021 snowmobiles on the Mountain Cat 165 only, will be available on the 154” track length Mountain Cats this year as well. More on that in a moment.

Here are the highlights of the M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE models:

  • Available in one colour scheme: Dynamic Charcoal/Blue
  • 8000 C-TEC2 794cc 2-stroke DSI engine
  • ALPHA-ONE rear suspension
  • FOX FLOAT 3 QS3 shocks
  • FOX FLOAT 3 QSL rear track shock
  • 154” or 165” track with 3” lug
  • 35.5-37.5 in. adjustable ski stance
  • Electric or manual start
2022 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE 165
2022 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE 154 ATAC

M 8000 Mountain Cat with ATAC

Again for MY2022, the Mountain Cat will feature the option of Arctic Cat’s ATAC on-the-fly suspension adjustment system, but for this year it will also be available in the 154” track length.

The ATAC system allows the rider to adjust between soft, medium and firm suspension with the handlebar mounted switch on the brake lever side. The ATAC system can also be used to activate the rear track shock lockout feature to instantly provide more ski pressure and gain better control when climbing.

In addition, the ATAC system allows the user to customize two driver settings, which allows quick changes between two specific calibrations.

MntnCt_Push Button Electric Start

Finally, when the Mountain Cat with ATAC is put into reverse, the system automatically engages the optimum shock calibration for backing up in deep snow.

Mountain Cats with the ATAC option use FOX FLOAT 3 iQS ski shocks, an Arctic Cat IFP 1.5 front track shock and the FOX FLOAT 3 iQSL rear track shock.

MntnCt_FOX Float 3 iQS Shocks
FOX FLOAT 3 iQS ski shocks on the 2022 Arctic Cat M8000 Mountain Cat ATAC

2022 BLAST M 4000

BLAST, the mid-sized value offering from Arctic Cat, is back for 2022. Naturally, we are most interested in the BLAST M 4000 mountain model for up-and-coming rippers.

BLAST M_AC_Clark_MY22_TogwateeWY02118_cc

The 2022 model of the BLAST M is largely unchanged from the MY2021 BLAST M 4000, except that it is available next year in orange and red colour options, and with a Ship With accessory kit that includes a front bumper, handlebar bag and rear storage.


Here are the highlights:

  • Available in Dynamic Charcoal/Red and Dynamic Charcoal/Orange
  • 4000 C-TEC2 397cc 2-stroke EFI engine

  • ALPHA-ONE rear suspension
  • Same Arctic Mountain Suspension (front) as full-sized mountain sleds
  • Hydraulic twin tube shocks all around
  • 15” x 146” x 2” Challenger track
  • 37-39” adjustable ski stance
  • Turnkey electric start
BlstM_Mid-Size Chassis
BlstM_Digital Gauge
BlstM_Alpha One Rear Suspension
BLAST M_AC_Clark_MY22_TogwateeWY02253_cc

Snowmageddon – 2022 Arctic Cat Spring Order

Arctic Cat will continue to sell sleds primarily through its spring order Snowmageddon program.

Unlike model year 2021, for MY2022 there will be some in-season units available at dealerships, however this will be a limited number of select base package models only. Availability will vary from dealership to dealership, so it’s best not to hope that you’ll be able to get what you want in-season.

Arctic Cat is making Snowmageddon the best opportunity for their customers to order a 2022 sled. The advantages of putting a deposit down on a spring order are:

  • Lowest price of the season
  • The only option to guarantee you’ll get the model, configuration and colour you want
  • Extended 2-year warranty
  • Ship With Kits will be available. These are dealer installed options packages that include tunnel storage, handlebar bag and beefy front bumper.
Arctic Cat Ship With Kit

Arctic Cat Ship With Kit on the 2022 M 8000 Mountain Cat ALPHA ONE 165

In-season availability will be limited to only 25 different base model configurations across the entire Arctic Cat lineup with a 1-year warranty, no Ship With option and at full retail price.

Arctic Cat’s Snowmageddon spring order sales period will end April 30, 2021.

2022 Arctic Cat Snowmobile Mountain Lineup

So there you go.

For model year 2022, Arctic Cat will more-or-less continue to stay the course with the same chassis it has continued to refine since model year 2012. But the re-emergent option to buy in-season will surely be a welcome one for customers. Beyond that, new clutches will benefit all 2022 owners, and no doubt some will sign up to enjoy the freeriding possibilities of the 146″ Hardcore model.


– MS