Arctic Cat Renews Passion for Racing with 2021 Race Sleds
August 31st, 2020

Arctic Cat Renews Passion for Racing with 2021 Race Sleds

Arctic Cat has renewed its focus on snowmobile racing with the release of three, 2021 race-specific models: R-M for hillclimb racing; R-SX for snocross; and R-XC, a cross-country model.

All three race sleds share a consistent graphics package that reinforces Arctic Cat’s team approach and commitment to the racing program across the disciplines.

Arctic Cat’s Racing Identity and Legacy

Arctic Cat understands the importance of racing as part of its legacy and how the company continues to move forward today. Brian Dick, Arctic Cat Director of Product Strategy, knows this as well as anyone, having participated in the racing program for years as a racer, engineer and product manager. Dick recently shared with us that Arctic Cat sees product innovation and brand exposure as key benefits that stem from the racing program.

Arctic Cat 2021 Race Sleds

While the sleds are largely based on production models, there have been a few small upgrades, depending on model. Of course, here at Mountain Sledder we’re most interested in the Arctic Cat 2021 R-M hillclimb race model. 

Arctic Cat 2021 R-M


Arctic Cat 2021 Race Sleds

The 2021 R-M race model will use the ALPHA ONE single-beam rear suspension, and is essentially a 2021 production specification Arctic Cat 2021 M 8000 Hardcore ALPHA ONE model. Naturally, it will feature the latest model updates including a lightweight carbon fibre TCL engine plate and a new, all-mountain Power Claw Alpha track with a 2.6″ lug in the 154″ length. The track features additional side towers and a 2.86″ pitch for better bite in a variety of conditions.

In addition, Arctic Cat will make specialized support available in the form of race preparation kits that will simplify the race-ready process and also offer set up techniques that will provide the entire Arctic Cat team with the best chance for success.

Hillclimb racer support kits include:

  • Rail braces
  • Traction kits
  • Snowflap kits
  • Lightweight mod package


Arctic Cat 2021 R-SX

We’ll let you peruse the specs of the 2021 R-SX snocross model at your leisure below. In particular, take note of the addition of the throttle body injection which has been found to provide quicker responsiveness and power at low end. The sled will also come out of the box with the ISR spec snowflap for roost protection.

Arctic Cat 2021 Race Sleds

Arctic Cat 2021 R-XC

Here are the specs for the 2021 R-XC cross-country race model.

All three 2021 race sled models will be in limited production, and only available to racers who successfully apply for the Arctic Cat race program—the race sleds will not be available to consumers. The race sleds will also not be available in Canada. However, with the exception of the graphics package and race support kits, mountain riders who have already pre-ordered a 2021 Arctic Cat Hardcore model will be riding virtually the same spec sled as the Arctic Cat hillclimb race team.

Production on the Arctic Cat 2021 race sleds will take place around the end of October or early November so they are ready in time for race season.


2021 Racing and COVID-19

There is a lot of uncertainty going into this race season about how races will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is hope that the race season will go on, with safety precautions put in place of course.

What is certain, however, is that the release of these sleds has shown Arctic Cat’s continued belief in the importance of racing as a valued way to build relationships and help grow the sport of snowmobiling.


– MS