February 4th, 2019

BoonDocker Releases New Heads for Polaris Patriot SideKick Turbo

BoonDocker has released two new high-performance heads for use with its Polaris 850 Patriot SideKick turbo system.

While both cylinders heads are designed for use with the BoonDocker SideKick, the distinction lies in the intended usage and application. The first, dubbed “The Idaho”, is intended for the gas-and-go sledder who prefers to use pump-gas at the standard boost levels of the Polaris 850 Patriot SideKick kit. The other head, called “The Colorado”, is designed for high-boost, high-octane applications—the sort of performance enhancement that very demanding riders or riders at high elevation require.

Both heads are made from 6061 “aerospace-grade” aluminum and are machined to optimize the specific combustion and engine function requirements of the SideKick turbo’d Patriot. BoonDocker states that the design of the heads allows for more precise control over tuning and drivability. The heads also make use of the improved cooling that is part of the OEM Patriot head and cylinder block design.

In a solid move to take care of its customers, BoonDocker is offering a low-cost trade-in program to its preseason order customers who may wish to upgrade their 850 Patriot SideKick kit with the newly released head.

See the BoonDocker press release below for more information on the new cylinder heads.


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BoonDocker Patriot Sidekick Idaho Head
BoonDocker Patriot Sidekick Colorado Head
BoonDocker Patriot Sidekick Idaho Head
BoonDocker Patriot Sidekick Idaho Head

PRESS RELEASE: Boondocker Releases Pump-Gas & High-Performance Options for Polaris Patriot

(Idaho Falls, Idaho) BoonDocker, LLC is excited to announce two new cylinder-heads for the Polaris Patriot with BoonDocker SideKick, both focused on performance. The first head, “The Idaho™”, is specifically engineered for our pump-gas customer. The second head, “The Colorado™”, is precisely designed to allow our high-boost, high-octane customers to maximize performance and driveability. These heads are for BoonDocker turbocharged Polaris Patriot only.

“At BoonDocker, we’re riders; pump gas is extremely important to us. Nothing is easier than filling up your sled, straight from the pump. It’s the essence of pull-and-go, and is a focus of our company”, says Steven Marlenee, Marketing Director. Marlenee continues, “we set our goal of producing a turbo-kit that works flawlessly, on readily-available pump-gas. We chose to set the benchmark at 91-octane, with 10% ethanol. After months of R&D, BoonDocker has again, set the bar for performance, ease-of-ownership, and driveability.”


BoonDocker Sidekick Polaris 850 Patriot Heads
Marlenee Photography
Joel Tingey on the BoonDocker Polaris 850 Patriot SideKick turbo kit

“BoonDocker has invested in head design. These heads have been purposefully engineered to work in unison with our SideKick turbo kit. We designed them, from ground up, to maximize performance, both in terms of quality, robustness, and performance. The heads are made of 6061, aerospace-grade aluminum, precision machined to BoonDocker’s exact specifications, and BoonDocker has engineered these heads to optimize combustion and engine function”, says Junior Young, R&D Director.

“In addition to pump-gas or high-octane performance, the engineering put into the design of these heads allows for more precise control over tuning and driveability, while providing for the improved cooling that Polaris has engineered into these engines. The Polaris Patriot is an incredible powerplant, and with the design of these two new heads, we’re able to harness the potential, while providing our customers with the reliability, consistency and driveability that they’ve come to expect”, says Jared Sessions, Calibration Manager for BoonDocker.

BoonDocker Sidekick Polaris 850 Patriot Heads
Marlenee Photography
BoonDocker Calibration Manager Jared Sessions

Both heads are immediately available for purchase, either directly through BoonDocker, or through their Authorized Dealers. The heads are only for BoonDocker-turbocharged Polaris Patriot. BoonDocker recognizes that the pre-season customer is very important. We want to make sure we’re rewarding our loyal pre-season customer. We pride ourselves on our brand-trust, and our customers can know that we’re going to take care of them. BoonDocker is taking care of their pre-season customers with a low-cost exchange program where they’ll exchange your stock head for an OEM head with “The Idaho™” dome cut into it, or will offer discounts on the Billet versions to those that want to keep their stock, OEM head.

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