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Go ‘doo it! 1970’s – Ski-Doo Commercial

No matter how many times we see this posted it never gets old. Take a 30 second break and get a smirk from this ‘Go ‘doo It’ from 1972 by Ski-Doo. Pretty…

Thunderstruck 13 Teaser

The trailer for the13th Thunderstruck movie series has dropped. –description from YouTube– This is installment 13 in the Thunderstruck series of snowmobile movies and this film marks another departure from the hardcore…

Hybrid Color Films – Black Sunday

Cory Davis, Heath Frisby and Joe Parsons ride freestyle at Alyeska Resort in Alaska in this 5:36 minute long edit from 2012. Black Sunday was the second sled edit Hybrid Color Films…

Blast from the Past – Jay Quinlan Barrel Roll

Fact. Jay Quinlan is a bad ass. Here’s a Discovery Channel snippit about a barrel roll attempt. Anyone know the year this happened?

StuntFreaksTeam – Watercross

This little edit from Stunt Freaks will keep you entertained for all 4:06 minutes. It may leave you asking ‘why’ but hey, why not?!

Braaap 14 “Uncharted” Official Film Trailer

Braaap films has dropped their teaser for their 14th feature film: Uncharted Here’s their YouTube description: Join us on another Braaap back country adventure in the high Rockies and beyond. Braaap 14…

Brett Turcotte – Cliff Huck Slednecks 15

GoPro just posted this shot from Slednecks 15 this week. It’s an air by Brett Turcotte and we happened to give this our ‘Best Air’ award in our 2013 film awards (in…

How to Tow a Dead Snowmobile

This video will show you how to tow a dead snowmobile safely, including where to attach the tow strap. Don't forget to remove the belt!

How to Change a Belt and Adjust Deflection on a 2012 Arctic Cat – Tech Tip

Hey guys! Here's a tip on how to change a belt and adjust belt deflection on a 2012 Arctic Cat M8! Enjoy this video Tech Tip!

Riding Tip: How to Get Unstuck

There are a few different ways to get unstuck. Different methods work under different circumstances. Maybe you're stuck going uphill. Or in a creek bottom, or up against a tree. You might…