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April 29th, 2017

Riding Tip: Cool Your Sled in Spring Conditions

Overheating on the trail is a common problem in springtime. In this video tip, Chris Brown offers an easy way to quickly cool your sled back to a safe operating temperature so you can keep moving. Awesome!


Cool Down Your Sled



As you’ll see in the video, the key is to get your track spinning and get some snow up onto your heat exchanger underneath your tunnel. The best way to accomplish this when the snow is packed is to get your sled on its side, get the track spinning, then slowly tip it back. This allows the spinning track to cut into the hard snow and spin those nice, cool snow particles up into your tunnel.


Rob Alford uses the same technique to cool his sled, only he calls in the “Chainsaw”



Another trick that works well when you’re riding the trail in and out is to pack a bunch of snow onto your running boards and onto your tunnel. This helps keep your tunnel cool, which can assist in the heat exchanger doing its job properly.

And its best to always have a set of scratchers installed on your sled when riding in the mountains!


— MS

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