November 8th, 2013

EarthX Lithium Batteries

Have you been wanting a lighter battery for your machine powersport machine?  Whether you are a sledder or biker you are probably as weight conscious as we are!  These batteries are not only smaller and lighter, they come with shims and spacers to help keep it nice and tight in your battery compartment.
Most of these replacement batteries are 1/3 the original weight!  What you’ll need to know when ordering these batteries from SuperClamp Canada is your original battery id as in YTX5L-BS or other…
Have a look!  Check them out!  You’ll be stoked on what you find out!
They have HUGE CCA (cold cranking amps), they will NOT freeze, 8 year life span, and two years warranty!  They average $349.99 cdn.  Not cheap, but dollar per pound they are ahead of most of the competition.
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