Behind-the-Scenes: 2018 Polaris Showroom Event

Alright, so there were plenty of new products to see at the 2018 Polaris Showroom Event. For 2018, Polaris put a lot of effort into the brands under its ownership, and there were a couple of new snowmobile models to boot. Unfortunately, none of that innovation trickled down into the mountain segment, but hey! the Axys is still a great platform, and you can’t have everything.


Let’s see what’s new!


2018 Polaris Showroom Event


Polaris RMK & Assault

There was a whole lotta BNG to reveal at the 2018 show. RMK and Assault models come in a variety of spring snowcheck only limited edition and in-season colour schemes. The world is your oyster for 2018. The retro red, blue & white version is back as well!




2018 Polaris Showroom


Grey and green seems to be the theme of 2018. All 4 OEMs offer some variation of this colourway for 2018!


Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.




It’s like 2011 all over again with this red Pro-RMK.


Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.


Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.





You can even get your very own blue and green onesie to match your blue and green springcheck sled! Burandt-alicious!



SKS 146″ Crossover

New for 2018 is the SKS 146″ crossover sled. It’s built on the Axys chassis, and comes prepared for a hardy combination of trail, pow and launching. It’s got a 2.25″ paddle for decent traction in the loose stuff, and some hardy Walker-Evans Piggyback Click adjustable suspension for smooth operation over all kinds of terrain and conditions.


Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.

Photo courtesy of Mountain Motorsports, Golden BC.




More green! The new SKS 146″ is pretty radical. It might just be the sled of choice for spring cheese wedge launching missions.


Polaris Titan

Although perhaps not of interest to the most hardcore mountain riders, there’s a new crossover utility sled that’s supposed to be tough as all hell. It’s called the Titan, and it looks like there is more cargo carry and towing capability to this thing than you can imagine.




Now you can bring your ice auger AND your rifle when you go sledding!


For more in-depth details about the 2018 Polaris snowmobiles, see our 2018 Polaris Snowmobiles Unveiled article here.



Okay, this is the real story here, as Timbersled has pumped out an entirely new platform. You can read more about the details of it here.






So Timbersled has come out with its new ARO Technology. It’s lighter, better and better. There’s a 120″ model and  a 137″ model as well.







Limited Edition Snowcheck only models of the ARO 120 LE and ARO 137 LE come with primo FOX ZERO QS3 shocks. Three-position quick click adjustability goes very nicely with 33% more suspension travel in the ARO platform.




The ARO Technology is reported to be 11lbs lighter than previous Timbersled models. That’s impressive!









The ST90RIPPER is a youth Timbersled kit. Super cool! It fits on 110cc bikes from Kawasaki, Yamaha and Honda. That should make some little groms happy!






There are some new accessories floating around out there. Including this handy-dandy strapper-onner for your boogie-woogie one-ski. Cool bro!




Check out that mean looking front bumper!




Polaris is bigger than just a sled and snow bike manufacturer; the company supports its products with a variety of other brands that it owns as well.




509 is one of Polaris’ latest acquisitions, and for 2018 it is coming out with a line of outerwear for the first time.






Of course 509 is already known for its lineups of helmet and goggles. Fresh styles are released each year, and 2018 is no exception. A new heated lens technology should make fogging lenses a thing of the past. Fog is so 2017!




Klim is another brand that is part of the Polaris family. Looks like they’ve got some snazzy new helmets for 2018!




As always, Klim is known for its top-notch outerwear. New styles will await you at your local dealer come autumn.


So although the mountain sled department didn’t have much to offer in the way of new goods, the rest of Polaris’ family of snow-related products really stepped it up for 2018. It’s the year of the “new look”!


— MS