TRIP REPORT - Inner Passage | Mountain Sledder
March 1st, 2014

TRIP REPORT – Inner Passage

The trip ended the way it began only in reverse, with the scratching of carbides on Dan Treadway’s driveway in the dark. The noise of our unloading pierced the calm Pemberton night and when the silence returned, I walked over and gave John Schramm, my truck partner for the last week, a high-five, semi-embrace. After the good bye, the trip was officially over and only as I drove away, alone for the first time in seven days, did the magnitude of our recent adventure begin to set in. Once again the north had charmed me. This time Terrace, Kitimat, and an incredibly sea journey had readjusted my life calibrations.


Jorli Ricker had a plan. He suspected that there might be a better way to do a trip to Terrace, for a Lower Mainland sledder, than the drive for 20 hours, much of it on single lane roads. His idea was to use the sea as our highway by connecting a couple of BC Ferries to transport us up to Prince Rupert and from there, drive to Terrace to go sledding. Jorli’s theory, as a sledder and a film maker, was that taking the boats wouldn’t just be a better way to travel up to Terrace, but that it would also provide a good story for his upcoming Forecast 3 movie. Deeply inspired by the recent snowboarding movie blockbuster The Art of Flight, Jorli figured the sledding moves could use a lot more storytelling in them and a trip like this seemed to have the potential he was looking for.

Jorli needed top tier talent to give this segment a chance and when Kalle Johannson and Dan Treadway agreed to come on the trip, things were looking up. However, the decision to go north was still a big gamble. Mid-winter filming time is precious when trying to put a movie together and although inspired by The Art of Flight, there was no similarity in the budgets used. The reality was, if this trip was going to be a success, a lot of things were going to have to happen right, and on the cheap.


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