January 2nd, 2010

“No Holds Bar” Video Review for 2009

With a little free time on my hands (fresh knee surgery) I
though I would give some insight in to the new Sled flicks out this year.

First some back ground I am an avid mountain sledder.I prefer boondocking and cliffs to big climbs and ramps but
I enjoy it all.  I have owned a lot of sled movies in my day starting with
SNOWMOTION AND SLEDNECKS #1 these are classics and you should check them out.
So here goes this years list

A new look at snowmobiling with behind the scenes interviews
and fantastic camera quality. Lots of pow, ramps and climbing. Highlights for
me are the Dan Treadway trip to Stewart for some awesome pow and Kalle
Johansson ripping pillow lines in Pemberton.  Very high value with over a hour of quality footage.

A little bit of a let down for me having huge respect for
Burandt I excpected more.  If you want to see what a 2stroke turbo is capable of with
out risking your life trying to keep up to one check this out. Chris and folk
rip through trees so tight I wouldn’t want to snowboard in them. Switching from
downhill to uphill side to side this guy can really make the sled his bitch. I
would like to see him rip some nice deep pow instead of set up spring slops.

I have always been a fan a Dave Craig’s flics. He never
fails to provide some of the deepest footage you will ever see on film. This
film seems to be a little lower budget then some of his prior movies traveling
to only two spots to shoot. However those locations are Stewart and Pemberton
so he covers the best. This movie gets me pumped to ride pow! The riders in the
film are pros like Dan Treadway, Dave Daling and Mike Orr along with other not
so well know guys who are just in it for deep snow.  The intro to each rider starts with a list of what they are
riding on including mods done to sled is pretty cool and makes me think my
stock 800 should be dropping bigger cliffs.

Wow I have not seen any of the previous movies from these
guy but they defiantly got me intrigued to see more from them. Some amazing
pow, tones of cliffs everyone ripping down lines that used to be reserved to
skiers and boarders. The camera quality may be doesn’t match up to some others
but this movie makes up for it in the quality of snow and sledders. Some of the
standard locations and some exotics like Sweeten. With tons of big name riders
like Ross Mercer, Geoff Kyle, Rob Alford, Dan Phillps etc,,,,
Watching Geoff Kyle shredding downhill turns makes me want
to move to Revy and never put my shovel away.

John Simpson