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March 1st, 2021

Polaris Patriot Boost! Factory 2-Stroke Turbo Engine

Yep, that’s right! For 2022, Polaris will make a factory 2-stroke turbocharged version of the Patriot 850 engine available, called Patriot Boost. Hurray!

In the mountain lineup, Patriot Boost will be available in the new for 2022 and top-of-the-line MATRYX SLASH models of the PRO RMK and RMK KHAOS sleds.

Polaris Patriot Boost

There’s been a lot of speculation about if and when Polaris would produce a factory 2-stroke turbo engine, and now it’s here.

In fact, Patriot Boost has been in the making for quite some time. It has been co-developed with the Patriot 850 engine, released in MY2019, and was part of the plan from the very beginning of that particular engine design.

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We’re not exactly sure when the Patriot 850 was first sketched out on a napkin, but we do know that Patriot 850 prototype engines were being tested on snow as far back as 2013, so Patriot Boost has been in the works for a while now.


What is Patriot Boost?

Patriot Boost is a pump gas (91 octane), factory 2-stroke turbocharged version of the Patriot 850. It’s a no-tune system in which boost amount are controlled entirely by the ECU, and it uses what Polaris calls the Smart Boost System to manage stable combustion and precise engine control under all conditions.

The turbo is lubricated by a dedicated, single port oil pump that draws from the engine oil tank.

The Patriot Boost system is reported to be 40% lighter than aftermarket turbocharger systems, which is impressive even in light of the considerable amount of development resources at the disposal of Polaris engineering.

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How Does Patriot Boost Work?

Patriot Boost will add boost to compensate for altitude, plus an additional amount, all the way up to a maximum of 9 psi of boost at 10,000 ft. Max boost will be maintained for elevations above 10,000 ft.

Boost is controlled entirely by the ECU based on a variety of factors to provide for consistent and predictable performance.

Polaris Smart Boost System

The Smart Boost System consists of a vertically-mounted turbocharger with reverse rotating and scalloped turbine, patent-pending exhaust and wastegate, and specific engine calibration and controls.

The proprietary Polaris turbocharger is reportedly lighter that similar turbos available on the market, and the vertical, in-line placement contributes to a fast-spooling system.

Polaris Patriot Boost 2-Stroke Turbo

The system uses short intake runners and a reed valve in the boost box to eliminate lag. The reed valve allows air to enter the engine while the turbo is building boost.

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No Tuning

Electronic boost control works with the Smart Boost System to adapt to changing conditions seamlessly, without any need for tuning. No wrenches, no fuel mapping, no buttons—it’s all controlled by the ECU. Just premium gas and go.

So How Much Power Does Patriot Boost Make?

Patriot Boost reportedly makes 10% more power at sea-level and 50% more power at 10,000 ft (3000 m) than a naturally-aspirated Patriot 850, according to Polaris. Awesome!

Beyond this, the manufacturer doesn’t offer any specific horsepower numbers—that’s standard operating procedure for Polaris.

However, they do go so far as to claim that the turbocharged engine offers “industry-leading* power” (with obligatory asterisk indicating internal testing). This is a fairly forthcoming statement from a company that has typically been shy on making competitive horsepower claims.

So while we still don’t get any specific numbers, it’s pretty easy to do the math. While this will no doubt lead some riders to bench race that “other” turbo, the rest of us will be more than satisfied with the option for a hassle-free 50% more power at elevation.

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Patriot Boost Factory 2-Stroke Turbocharged Engine

It sure is great to see another manufacturer come to the table with a factory 2-stroke turbo option!

You just can’t beat turbo power that is designed hand-in-hand with engine and platform considerations. Pump gas and go is what so many riders want these days, and the option of consistent and reliable power straight from the factory is amazing.

And let’s not forget the cherry on top of the factory 2-stroke turbo sundae—that wonderfully reassuring OEM warranty.

Rest easy, friend, Patriot Boost engines will come with a 2-year warranty. Excellent.


– MS


To see which 2022 snowmobile models feature the Patriot Boost powerplant option, see our 2022 Polaris Snowmobile Mountain Lineup article here.

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