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How to Execute a Panel Slide with Chris Brown – Riding Tip

Some folks call it an elevator, but I call it a panel slide. It all started for me back in 2005 while filming for Slednecks 8. It was springtime and Chris Burandt…

Riding Tip: Sidehilling in Hard Snow

Sidehilling in firm snow can be difficult, but it's often a crucial maneuver to get you where you need to be and to stay out of trouble, especially in spring.

Avalanche Canada: Throttle Decisions Video Series

Avalanche Canada has produced an eight-part avalanche awareness video aimed at mountain sledders, named Throttle Decisions. The video series comes in response to the realization that there are two types of mountain sledders…

Riding Tip: Re-Entry with Chris Brown

A proper re-entry looks awesome and is do-able for athletic individuals with the right technique. Words by Chris Brown. Sequence of Brett Turcotte by Tim Grey.   How to Execute a Re-Entry…

Riding Tip: Downhill Sh!thook with Chris Brown

We’ve all been in situations where we are going downhill and need to turn and sidehill out, or turn back uphill to avoid hazards below. Mastering the ability to get out of…

How to Tow a Dead Snowmobile

This video will show you how to tow a dead snowmobile safely, including where to attach the tow strap. Don't forget to remove the belt!

Riding Tip: How to Get Unstuck

There are a few different ways to get unstuck. Different methods work under different circumstances. Maybe you're stuck going uphill. Or in a creek bottom, or up against a tree. You might…


Riding tip on how to do “turn-ups” – sometimes known as j-hooks or j-turns – if you are coming downhill and find yourself in a bad situation, this is how to get…


Riding tip on how to do ‘Donuts’ / ‘Boondocking’ / ‘Sh*thooks’


How to tip on different options for turning out of a highmark safely