November 3rd, 2015

The Making Of Winter Project

Hybrid Color Films, the team that produced the stunning Winter Project film, have created a 10 part “Making Of” short film series starting with the early concept and collaboration and carrying all the way through to the film launch.

If you haven’t seen Winter Project yet, you owe it to yourself as a sledder. The talented riding of the boys from AK is phenomenal to watch, but what really makes the sled film unique is the well researched storyline of the backcountry freestyle scene as it has progressed over the years there, culminating with insane freeriding by the likes of Cory Davis and Joey Junker.

The production value and cinematography is mind-blowing, and can be compared only to some of the biggest budget, top production teams working in outdoor sports today—teams such as Red Bull Media House and Sherpas Cinema.

There’s so much more that goes into a film of this quality than the average viewer could possibly ever imagine. Check out the first Making of Winter Project Episode below, and follow along on Hybrid Color Films’ YouTube account as the final two episodes go live in the next week.


The Making of Winter Project, Episode 1



– MS